The client computer is still usable and appears logged in by the customer. My sincere thanks – I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Libdireqcafe now explicitly sets the shell for newly created users for compatibillity with new versions of KDM. Links Website datadictator 01 Jan Has anyone used that one? OutKafe comprises a server-side administration suite, as well as clients to manage time-control on machines.


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ZybaCafe 4.0.3 Beta 2 released

It has been migrated to GTK2. As of this version it became a company project with the full development team involved. Has anyone actualy got OutKafe to work?

If I get some time I’ll download and try out some of the trial ones, but I’m hoping someone here has already tried some and can give me recommendations. Thin-client Linux, fat-client Linux, and Windows are officially maintained. Create new account Request new password.

ZybaCafe – Freecode

Sources now compile under the latest versions of lazarus. After nearly a year of design and months of zybacxfe, developer AJ Venter was proud and happy to announce that the first alpha release of ZybaCafe is available.


Recent comments apturl 6 years 3 weeks ago It’s in the 6 years 45 weeks ago I’ve been Zybacaf Scan for a yzbacafe years 5 weeks ago I installed this game after 7 years 5 weeks ago Fast zybaczfe effective 7 years 6 weeks ago Rygel required a reboot 7 years 17 weeks ago dd is a great tool for 7 years 42 weeks ago how to install yahoo messenger in ubuntu Venter explained that ZybaCafe builds on the success of it’s parent-project direqcafe with many new enhancements that will greatly reduce the overhead in managing a cybercafe, while also being significantly easier to use.


This has allowed ZybaCafe to go beyond the limitations of direqcafe as a true next generation cybercafe admin tool,” explained Venter.

Linux internet cafe software? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

My sincere thanks – I couldn’t have done it without you guys. The backend was switched to PostgreSQL. Many GUI design improvements were done in the Linux client.

A description can be included, but it is optional. Description OutKafe formerly ZybaCafe is a next-generation free and open-source internet cafe management suite. A manual refresh button was added. Freecode is a BIZX service. Zybacaffe now explicitly sets the shell for newly created users for compatibillity with new versions of KDM.

ZybaCafe alpha version out

Unfortunately on leaving a client running zybaacafe in back came the OKln error about not being able to create a new thread when I tried to log out. ZybaCafe long went past the limitations of what zybbacafe little one-man hobbyist project can achieve. Read next on IOL. This is a minor update to 3. Several crucial crashpoints in the Linux client were resolved, and a crash bug when using standard time units with offers set up in the admin console was also resolved. This short guide will help you download and install the various components and set up your internet cafe.


Related Articles Ubuntu releases Edgy Eft. Submit Web Links Submit the title and link including https: Thus a bit of careful zybacate is required before starting the installation. Submit the title and link including https: All releases Recent releases 4. It could be free or for purchase.


The authors were forever saying they were working on a linux version though Kexi, Krita the stars of new KOffice 1. Support was added for “lpr” based printing needed by text-only printers. Venter said, “this release should be good to go in nearly any situation, but before I declare it stable I am giving users a chance to test it and try zybaxafe out for themselves.


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