Auto equip, Female crew, Tracers by Kocoi, Tundra, Damage panel, Sight, Black and white circle, Remove destructible objetct, Night warfare Minimap gun direction, TD handbrake removal… those mods i removed… and game still works… i think TD handbrake is the problem here for game crach Loading Without need to contain old maps it will be lightweight package. Good luck, I do not use mods either. So hereby I announce hunt for beta testers. Also, I am working on an in game macro that links itself to a hot key which when pressed heals any crew member or repairs any tank damage in a fraction of the time it would take to do it normally.

xvm mod 8.0

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So right away there will be need to port packages to 8. Could you fix them, please? Hi Zex, I tried install xvm mods to have at least one mod and after starting wot doing perfect.

SunFlash, on Sep 27 – Use Stealthz Red Ball mod instead, it has nothing like that afaik. I found a solution. So hereby I announce hunt for beta testers.


xvm mod 8.0

PTwr 42 Posted Sep 24 – Hi M8, They made an update 1. Please could you add these options for the mod. Hi Zex, pls litle problem — coloured hits dont work ok, hit is green and ding nothing, right is hit red and ding green. Yes, Red Ball by Limarik is the one that makes popups for sites. Modpack works fine besides that — as usual Loading Looking forward to the update and thanks for doing this: PTwr 59 Posted Dec 28 – So I will ignore, as mentioned above, sky dome and other textures, it could lead to graphic bugs but nothing critical.

Zex WoT Cheat ModPack V3 – Zex WotCheat Modpack

Do xcm forget that for the modification to work it is not enough just to install it! I xgm not know what the problem is with you, but you can find out which mode is the real problem. If you use this package than you should be aware of that! Zex pls fix it. Somehow mod doesnt work on me Loading I have been banned for 7 days for using this mod pack maybe due to the Aimbot Shaytan?


Zakume 48 Posted Sep 29 – Darn, shuda made my video b4 the update: PLS Wizard give us the new Stuff!!!! XVM mod for World of Tanks 1. I use tundra, fog, destroyed objects, redball, a few other and my game is xfm. I know I could press F2 but then that removes the bushes.

xvm mod 8.0

An automatic repair kit with an option to set repair priority. Its really weird and unplayable. People can download version 2 using this address: A choice of eight options for displaying the rating, two-digit and four-digit. Anyone mo to buy it, becourse i aint, when i type in info, it just reload page Loading I’m bumping this as I am having the same annoyance.

Zex sold his modback to Wargaming… https: