Crits from chain heal will proc Ancestral Fortitude. The set bonuses are fantastic. Get a pair of gloves with spell hit, gem them for spell hit and then enchant them for spell hit. If it procs once per minute, it equals Each point of damage healed will generate 0.

wow maelstrom 2.4.3

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The jump range of the spell is approximately yards. Some fights may last 2 minutes, while others go on for more than 20 minutes. Tier 2 was significantly nerfed in Patch 2.

Vendor Price Downloads The trinket would truly shine if it were based on casting Chain Heal instead. Healing stream totems for different shamans stack. The best enchant to skip all together if money is an issue is Subtlety to cloak.

Do not use for helms as it selects Bracing Earthstorm Diamond. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Each jump of chain heal is another chain to proc.

TBC Shaman Guide () – Resto – Legacy WoW – Addons and Guides

AddMessage duration end end. You can still manually switch relics in combat if the type of heal you are casting changes for a long period. Therefore, you can put mealstrom Wrath of Air and use two trinkets to supercharge the Earth Shield before a pull. Shaman are best at healing multiple targets that are standing near each other.


However, if you first target an Elemental, chain heal will wos to members of the raid. Gems with spell haste can be another viable option. Maaelstrom your guides, reviews, announcements, and news related gaming topics; Participating in the general chart; Messaging another member privately; Viewing the specific links that only registered users can see; Accessing all online discussions concerning free MMORPG games ; Advertising your private server.

This is as close as you can get.

However, the healing done to the next target is based on the non-crit healing done. Rank 1 returns 4 mana.

wow maelstrom 2.4.3

Does not scale with plus healing. Using best in slot items: In actual raids, this works out to about mp5 per person. For example, if you get the Doomguard debuff during the Azgalor fight or if Teron Gorefiend chooses you for Shadow of Death. Otherwise, you can easily see the proc rate fall to once every two minutes 18 mp5.

WoW Maelstrom 2.4.3 RC3 (amazing hack)

If you have a second weapon that is close in quality to your main weapon, you can enchant the secondary weapon with Spellsurge. However, there are a few fights in which the boss does high burst damage such as the Prince in Karazhan or Gurtogg Bloodboil in Black Temple.


wow maelstrom 2.4.3

Moonkin, Elemental Shaman and Shadow Priests have no talents to prevent spell pushback, which can sharply reduce their DPS in some fights. Tidal Mastery goes hand-in-hand with Ancestral Healing, which you absolutely should have.

Shock And Awe

Blue gives us the least benefit. Effect on Fire and Earth Elementals Consumables: You need to make sure that you are in a fight where you are spamming chain heal non-stop. Purge If the person you are targeting is an enemy, it will cast purge. Do not use armor values when comparing shields.

It can also report a successful purge, interrupt or grounding to woa or raid channel.