Contestants are to create a scene set in the Stone Age. This page was last edited on 9 June , at Many thanks to you. Yes, my password is: This allows for custom map developers to start using Lua without having to manually port all existing JASS and vJASS code and also avoids problems such as lack of interoperation support and increased overhead that would occur if both JASS2 and Lua virtual machines were used at the same time. Hearthstone gameplay Heroes of the Storm. A little suggestion, how about highlighting natives or functions with argument missed or missplaced so you can quickly see if you have typed a native or function wrong.

warcraft 3 jasscraft

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It’s not like map hack, or anything like that saying this because of the show players it jassraft add’s triggers to your map heres the download link: Last edited by Daminon: Greetings cerebrates, our Swarm needs new spawners that will have numerous children.

For example, types “unit”, “rect” or “destructable” which refer to dynamic allocated objects do extend type “agent” now whereas types such as “race” or “alliancetype” which actually are only some kind of wrappers for the native type “integer” and can be compared to enumerated types do still extend type “handle”. All maps using return bugs therefore need to be re-written to use jasscrafft newly available hashtable natives. It still has alot of bugs that RoNnIn wrote it needs to work out, but it’s very jasscrafr if your too lazy jasscrfat the moment to write the trigger yourself ;P Anyways heres the link.


Lord of the Clans III: Find More Posts by Nantuko Husk. Mar 10, Messages: The following function creates a string containing the message ” Hello, world!

warcraft 3 jasscraft

Does it still work with 1. Do you already have an account? I just thought it might be nice to have a list of all the tools that can come in handy with mapping, especially now that wc3sear. Dec 24, Isn’t it on the first post? Please send me it if it looks good: Your name or email address: Blizzard Entertainment is aware of this issue and applied a temporary workaround to games hosted on Battle. When specified to operate with the Lua virtual machine all JASS code is transpiled into Lua before being combined with Lua code to make the Lua code file.

Aug 14, 6. It has a syntax similar to Turing and Delphibut unlike those languages, it is case sensitive. No, create an account now. The raddest synthwave tracks were chosen – Check out our Music Contest 12 – Results and congratulate the winners!


The language provides an extensive API that gives programmers control over nearly every aspect of the game world. This program makes JASS code for killing units when they enter a region.


A little suggestion, how about highlighting natives or functions with argument missed or missplaced so you can quickly see if you have typed a native or function wrong. As long as you can download the javascript codes for it, and upload it as a ZIP file, and it’s free, yes. JASS supports one-dimensional arrays of any type excluding code.

{Important thread} JASScraft??

Doubt it, it is quite dangerous, can cause corruptions crashes and unpleasant things. That’s because the site hosting those tools have some domain troubles jasscrafr now.

warcraft 3 jasscraft

The Frozen Throne 1. Join in on a fun ride. Share This Page Tweet.

JassCraft [Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos] [Modding Tools]

After all, that’s how I learnt JASS, from some kind members who were willing to teach me, so yeah, I’m sure they’ll explain it to you as well. Means that all features might not be added. Warcraft StarCraft Scripting languages.

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