I come, ndi no yuya ; they come, ya no yuya ; we shall come, ti cha yuya. Makei ndi cha tenga ziyo za ka wanda, ndi go zo betsera yachena, kuti ya rege ku fa ne zhara. As the sentence in the Bantu language is built upon the noun as foundation, the different noun-classes are treated first, and the student is advised to become thoroughly acquainted with the classes before proceeding further. I am not with coming ; nda nga ndi si na ku yuya, I was not coming. Ha ndi zati ndi ri’ni, ndi Malyise. Nasi, ndi chi bva ku musha, nda nga nda rumga ne nyoka, bva ya ka zo takwa na yakomana, ya nda nga ndi chi perekedzgwa naVo.

wai chukucha

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Download Waichukucha mp3 free Waichukucha [ Remix kbps 3 18 Results. Inda, u teme muti uyo, wa ka fa. Mbga i no teyera wxi wayo pose pa a no inda. Nga ya chi yuya gino, ndi tenge ; ndi no da ku inda ku mumge mubato wangu, wa ndi gere ku pedza.

I was buying all this grain this morning, therefore I did not come to sit with you. Now, if we wish to form a sentence with chigaro as subject, all the words, whether they be pronouns, adjectives, or verbs, agreeing with the subject, must either have the prefix chi or one similar to it.

This rukweza meal in the small basket is good ; that is sour.

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Bva yanu yayo ha ya fari zikuru. Besides those mentioned under the different classes, there are irregular nouns, some belonging to one class in the singular, and to another in the plural ; e. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can’t offer guidance on whether any chukuch use of any specific book is fhukucha.


Where were the riems put? Ta ka bva zuroliya, ti sati ta susura. All songs by ” Uhuru “.

In the following pages an attempt has been made to provide for the European student a gradual introduction to the grammar of this important branch of the group of African Native languages, known as the Bantu family. Senator Dino Melaye denies promising Tacha N30million.

Full text of “A Manual of the Chikaranga Language, with Grammar, Exercises, Useful “

wqi Vocabulary, dende 5calabash. Present Participle ndi chi yuyuy I coming ; ndi si nga yuyi, I not coming. See also Lesson XXX.

The Substantive Interrogative Pronouns are am, ‘ who ‘ pi. He left not having paid his tax ; now the police are looking for him. Nda nga nda yuya, I would have come, or I had been on the point of coming also, I have already just come. Yakadzi ya cha dzoka mungwani uldya. Do not go there unless your master commands you to go.

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Pa misha pa ya no bva, chukuchs pa yakuru ya ka deya ku kumbira mudzidzisi mazuya aya, a ta ka nga ti chi famba rgwendo ku nyika yayo. Raira murume uyo, a ndo dana mukomana uya pa musha pake.

wai chukucha

The Intensitive Species is formed in the same way as the Causative ending in isa or esaand intensifies the meaning of the simple verb ; e. For instance, in speaking to a chief, an inferior would say: Oilr chief is kind, he loves his people. Sincere- thanks are also due chukucya my fellow Missionaries for their generous encouragement, and for practical aid in adding words to the Vocabulary, and in testing the meanings of words included, as well as in the arduous and monotonous work of rewriting and typing the manuscript, Vy.


Mukomana wangu wa ka yanga zikuru ne nwadi.

Wai chukucha download

Yana yedu ya ka reba pana yose. Yanu yo musha uno ya ka wanda, ku musha kwedu yashoma.

wai chukucha

The Reciprocal Species is formed by changing the final a of the verb root into ana, and signifies that the action is done reciprocally ; e. As this is a chumucha tense, in which the auxiliary particles nga and cki have been introduced, and in which the pronoun is repeated, it wiU be treated of at a later stage. Which boy will help me? Chigaro chifupiy the low chair.