To do this i would just delete the X6 from both VC profiles but i assume that some traffic could actually be moving up and down tis uplink when i remove it. Network Access Group -name: User successfully deleted Regards. The VCEM jobid to report status on. Administrators logging into VCM with a Server role account while the domain is in Maintenance mode will be. Hope this makes sense!! The Connection mode of the VC’s is Auto.

vcem 7.2

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vcem 7.2

Power on a bay in an enclosure. Name used for the iSCSI initiator on the booting system. Complete firmware update for the VC domain.

Restore previous domain configuration if needed -secret: Contact us about this article. The username to authenticate with the CMS.

New release of HP Insight software available – BITCON IT consultants

Claim or contact us about this channel. Configurable role operations must be delegated to one of the following roles if they are to be performed while the domain is in Maintenance Mode: The new name to be set on the profile -network: This manual is related to the following products: The VCEM jobid to report status on.


Power on a bay in an enclosure -remove: Modify one or more configuration properties of an object. Browse the Latest Snapshot.

Unassign a server profile from a device bay Subcommand options -authentication: The password to authenticate with the CMS. Power off a vfem in an enclosure -poweron: I went through all the sign-in help instructions and haven’t found a workaround yet. Override the VCEM serial number and instead use the factory default. All BladeSystem Virtual Connect posts.

HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface 服务手册 [页 17/]

Remove or delete an existing object networks, etc. The reason for my question is that I would like to connect 3 pairs of VC ethernet modules to 3x different sets of switch infrastructures but I cannot afford for there to be any potential cross connection between the 3 “zones” via the VC modules in the blade chassis. No change is required. Hello and thanks for your reply, eventhough with direct connection, still getting vcm related to authentication when upgrading: Forces an abrupt power off operation.


Embed this content in your HTML. Force a shutdown if normal shutdown doesn’t complete in the specified timeout period. The password to authenticate with the CMS -serverport: Return immediately without waiting for command results.

New release of HP Insight software 7.2 available

If you are running VCEM 6. The custom speed for the FCoE connection.

vcem 7.2

Articles on this Page showing articles to of The new name to be set on the profile. I assume that if i wee vce, delete the x6 port for both probiles the VC would just re-converge all trafic down the x5 port on the VC.

vcem 7.2

The name or number of the bay containing the server -bootlun: