My apologies for that. I don’t use SentIT much, but loved it when I needed it. The label stock itself is for subscription services is not free and must come from the provider. I just tried to make a label and printed a confirmation bar code for me, too. I wonder if he had some health problems? Some months we don’t sell a single copy. I have been considering the 4XL.

usps shipping assistant 3.8

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Shipping Assistant 3.6

There are alternative subscription mailing services that charge recurring monthly fees — like stamps. We listened to your requests for new features, the largest request was for International shipping. Versus just going directly to the PO, you not only save the time of waiting in line but also on fees such as on delivery and signature confirmation — these can really add up if you use them and most of us shipping packages do these days. Did you ever find out? I had forgotten I posted my question to tufdaawg earlier.

Less complicated, and gets the job done!

I have tried to find the guy myself many months ago. This is the only non subscription service that allows you to add delivery confirmation to First Class mail.

usps shipping assistant 3.8

Udps were just about ready to look into installing a Windows component into our all Mac office — so that we could use the USPS online delivery confirmation services without having to go to the Post Office — when we came across sendIT.


When I contacted the developer to see if they could help out, they responded that they would take a look and see if something could be done.

Thanks for this write up. I presumed as this was a Mac software site it would go without saying.

The MacUpdate rating system for some reason froze my stars — guess they froze when I went in to write — I’d give it all 5 stars if I was allowed to: You can’t always just use your normal home printer — so carefully add all the costs when you make considerations of one method to another.

Verify US postal addresses, calculate shipping costs, and more. Our office uses a postage meter with an attached scale. Please email me if you have a 4 x 6 shipping printer and would like to try this Beta.

Shipping Assistant (free) download Windows version

Today’s update will help us avoid that embarrassment. If you use this product to ship parcels with confirmation fees then it can easily pay for itself in no time at all. One customer told me he ships 1, packets a year, he saves twice as much a year in shipping costs than Xhipping make selling the program.


I have been considering the 4XL. That said, this software package for the OS X platform is definitely the only ussp out there that does not require a monthly subscription Endicia for Mac.

usps shipping assistant 3.8

I wonder if he had some health problems? If so, which one? This is heartbreaking that he has abandoned it.

usps shipping assistant 3.8

Have you been happy with the output of this printer? I think it is dead Any chance you are using a USB scale yet? Too Bad — it was great International shipping customs forms. More work, but it is still somewhat functional and I can’t find anything else to replace it yet. As I learned, they make commission on shipping fees.

One could feasibly use .38 or VMWare Fusion to provide the functionality you mention at no cost. But that is another option. I suspect most people who use it have already recouped the cost in the saving they see. It may even be possible to use Wine with their shipping assistant.