Not terribly surprising given the high profile of the cast. However, the number of residents who can make that happen overnight Although I this episode didn’t get a proper series to finish the story, I at least got to see my favorite touhou, “Marissa”. Or the argument of ‘dont bother watching that film, it’s not as good as the book’. With the help of Marisa and Aya, can Reimu get to the bottom of this incident before the feast is ruined? I’m glad Zun is not allowing this to be an official anime, it’s a great way for keeping it genuine.

touhou musou kakyou episode 1

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But there are quite a few problems.

touhou musou kakyou episode 1

I think we can all agree here that the stories for the games are lackluster, at best. And that’s what we’ll never get.

Musou Kakyou: A Summer Day’s Dream Episode 1, 2, 2.5 and 3

And agaisnt the arguments of why it’d be crap, well, the arguments seem to be based on ‘all VN to anime adaptations are crap, so to would this be’ Which I think is nonsense. I liked how they portrayed the spell cards as one-off power attacks, only they need more bullets to come across as actual danmakus.

I’m glad Zun is not allowing this to be an official anime, it’s a great way for keeping it genuine. Something is blocking our contents from loading! But something is amiss, as she soon finds out — the Hakurei Shrine’s kakyoy box has been stolen!


[Touhou FR] Touhou Musou Kakyou ~A Summer Day’s Dream~ Ep.1 – video dailymotion

Nothing to expect but still It’s quite disappointing. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Well that was disappointing, especially after i watched Fantasy Kaleidoscope which had amazing animation and a lot more interesting plot and more Touhou references. They are stupid reasons.

The site for the series can touhuo found here in Japanese.

touhou musou kakyou episode 1

I’m disappointed it’s reportedly cancelled though. And it’s not just there, either; the Scarlet Devil Mansion and its library have been robbed as well.

The Iron of Yin and Yang. A small universe created by ZUN, has been expanded to huge kaykou mainly by fans. As a logged-in user, your link submissions wouldn’t be monetized.

Or the argument of ‘dont bother watching that film, it’s not as good as the book’. So, well, no professional Touhou anime in the near future, as I see it.

touhou musou kakyou episode 1

Rank 2 on maikaze tag. Touhou, on the other hand, is a danmaku game without as much as a plot that would cover more than 2 or 3 pages per one game of manuscript. This looked like a simple filler touhouu of a very boring random mahou shoujo series and animation for a lack of a better word simply sucked.


The first episode was released muou Comiket 75, on December 29th,with the second episode being released at Comiket 82 on August 12th,episode 2.

You play it for the challenge and the pretty colors of magical bullets. Touhou Niji Sousaku Doujin Anime: ZUN thinks they’re pretty good. You mean it kills the ‘fan’ base, don’t worry, it’s already dead filled with the generic weeaboo ones I know this may sound ironic.

Then again, this can be applied to most of the animes Blackiris mentioned Mandarake AliceBooks AkibaHobby oversea ver.

[Touhou FR] Touhou Musou Kakyou ~A Summer Day’s Dream~ Ep.1

Rank 11 on c90 tag. Fantasy, Slice of Life, Comedy, Mystery. Most information about them was made up by fans, I don’t think any studio would use it. Epiisode really liked this and I look forward to a Touhou anime soon. You’re now browsing lite version of OtakuSync. Once again, playing the games will get you to admire the beauty of the colorful bullets while you face the difficulty of dodging everything onscreen.