This has never happened to me any of the times I’ve downloaded the maps. Nelia Orbi Elder Druid, Secura said:. It’s not illegal, but Cipsoft won’t give you a support if those maps are corrupted and if they cause issues with your Tibia client. Hello It is legal as long as you’re not manipulating tibia client. You download it on your own risk.

tibiabr map

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Tibia mapa full tibiabr download

TibiaBR map files just cotain. I have had a couple friends that googled it and used files from other sites and it contained spyware and they were hacked. So I can download a map from any fansite without any consequences?

You basically do what you do, download the map, unzip the files and put the files in the correct folder. Your account could get hacked. Aoshi the Second Paladin, Olympa said:. This is not a application for Burger King but a help board where real tutors and people who want this game to succeed come to. Gustye Elite Knight, Menera said:. That’s what I can tell you as a tutor.


Hello It is legal as long as you’re mzp manipulating tibia client. Thorin Bloodrage 42 Knight, Antica said:. Tinia Postchar 21 Knight, Hiberna said:. A much safer way to get them is download tibiacast. Be very careful when doing this maap make sure it’s a trusted site.

tibiabr map

Dockter Royal Paladin, Talera said:. Noone can tell you if it’s safe or not. Make sure to use one of these sites people suggested don’t just google it.

Tibia mapa full tibiabr

Don’t trust people on a internet forum! I installed a new windows and i forgot to safe my tibia map This will fill in your maps quite quickly.

tibiabr map

He must be a new player, why don’t u help this innocent soul?! Arkshi Knight, Fidera said:.

tibiabr map

Theres no possibility to get a virus or so with this cuz map files aren’t executable programm files. The longer answer is: Hope i will not get hack. You download it on your own risk. And I have downloaded the map plenty of times. They seem to be clean Thx for answers, I appreciate that!


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You can trust the tutors when they say it’s legal to download map files. Hiho, i need answer from you. If it is a supported fansite, you can basically trust that they won’t hack you or ruin your tibianr.

Ask him if he can send you his maps.

I suggest you to make a copy of your automaps then if they get deleted or whatever just paste the copy you did before. Etien tiiabr Secura 34 Master Sorcerer, Secura said:.

You download it under your own risks mate.