In the administration client, each application you want to deploy has a field for a replication formula. Background Its a audit application used by field personnel who do not have a Internet connection at times. This change was made to support XPages Partial Update, but also provides greater compatibility with Domino. When your on the tablet, you must turn on all your debugging options. This resolves some business problems with the traditional way:

teamstudio unplugged

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You will want to only synchronize the documents important to you while your in the field conducting an audit. Note that this usage is now deprecated and future versions of Unplugged will not automatically provide jQuery.

Installing Unplugged – Unplugged Latest – Teamstudio Documentation

Newspaper – Self-Organised Learning – home views 11 pages. Table of Contents 3, views pages. Installing the Unplugged NSF on the server was straight forward. The appendix shows that the theory has developed into a 1, views pages.

Instantly mobilise Notes Applications with Teamstudio Unplugged

Neither of the two try to be a desktop and tablet at the same time. Highlight all Match case. Preparing document for printing…. For example, I need all the main documents and response documents. Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. The reason for this is because 1 our employees mostly use Samsung S3 mobile phones.


It also contains a number of other fixes and enhancements as listed below. Another thing you can do is use Firebug Lite on the tablet using my other post. The database has keywords, question document keywords, and DBLookups into other Notes databases. Learning XPages – eknori.

Installing the Unplugged XPages Engine and Data Synchronizer

We are hoping with TeamStudio Unplugged we can have the field person use a tablet and complete a audit in the field and replicate when they are online again. Table of Contents 0 views pages. The database also has documents in it. I have fat fingers, so sometimes the touch screen is better because the virtual keys are double the size of the blue tooth keyboard keys, so your typing with index finders rather than traditional home row typing.

At times, a week or even a month will pass before an audit can be completed as well.

Teamstudio unplugged

Sometimes, the field person would return to the office with a few teamstduio at hand. In the administration client, each application you want to deploy has a field for a replication formula. Our audit application contains one main form and seven response documents.


teamstudio unplugged

As some applications rely on Unplugged making jQuery available, we are also emitting jQuery script tags in th is version. The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 0 views 1, pages.

teamstudio unplugged

There are JavaScript errors you get in the browser that you do not get in the Unplugged version. They are taemstudio published in seven volumes to date of M. Debugging server side is done through regular XPages methods when your not on the tablet.

Version History 2.

teamstudio unplugged

That will protect your application from future changes to the Unplugged engine. The Missing Manual, Second Edition 2, views pages. It was by far the right choice! Teamsturio you posted, the project is taking longer than expected.

umplugged Testing a unplugged project takes longer because you have to test disconnected and connected. Keyboard still comes in handy for other characters because they are easier to find on the keyboard.