Earthbound Zero Demiforce Hack U. I needed a haircut. Takeshi no Chousenjou Highscores. Ganbare Goemon 2 J [hM04][b1]. Deep Dungeon 4 – Kuro no Youjutsushi J [b2].

takeshis challenge rom

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Akumajou Special – Boku Dracula-kun J [b2].

takeshis challenge rom

Register to Remove Ad. Jinsei Gekijou 2 J [b3]. Esperanto Zelda Zelda Hack [a1]. Cycle Race – Road Man Takeshie [b2]. Family Computer – Othello J [b2]. Baseball VS Player 2 Mode [a1]. Game Boy P J.

takeshis challenge rom

Talk about Takeshi no Chousenjou Japan: Captain America and The Avengers U. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 U [o2].

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Adventures of Dino Riki, The U [o2]. Final Fantasy Dark Cecil Hack [o1]. Empire Invaders Space Invaders Hack. Maybe it was my gaping head wound.

The game made chaallenge player do ridiculous actions like singing for an hour or holding a button for four hours straight. Adventures of Bayou Billy, The U [o4]. Dragon Slayer 4 – Drasle Family J. Adventures in the Magic Kingdom U. Family Computer – Othello J [o1].


Jinsei Gekijou J [b3]. Battle City with 6 Enemies Hack.

Atari Atari P J. Bandit Kings of Ancient China U [b1]. Doraemon – Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu J [o1]. Sega Master System P J.

Takeshi no Chousenjou (Japan) ROM < NES ROMs | Emuparadise

Adventures of Rad Gravity, The U [b1]. Dynowarz – Destruction of Spondylus U [b3]. Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum U. Search for More Games.

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Maybe it was anger over losing a big chunk of my bonus to a Michael Bay movie. Famicom Disk System P. Games you may like: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers U [o1].

Conquest of the Crystal Palace U.