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How to blend in local life in Istanbul


We all have preferences and priorities in life, business, outfit, cars and etc. When it comes to making our choices in holiday destinations and our understanding of a “vacation”, it’s not much different. While some people prefer a much “touristic” approach, such as picking holiday packages and staying in hotels, some others take it more “traveller’s” way. They rather stay

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Galata neighbourhood in 2 minutes


Video audio, in printed form: Hello, today I’m going to tell you a little about the Galata neighborhood. This is the famous Galata Tower which was built in 1348. It is located next to Galipdede  street where you find lots of music stores and souvenir shops. Right at the top of this street you can see the Galata Mevlevihanesi where

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How to receive up to 15% discount


Did you know you could receive up to 15% discount at Istanbul Sweet Home? Well let’s see how you can benefit euros on your rental! The first option is flexible travel dates. If your travel dates perfectly match our calendar for an apartment without leaving more than a day gap before or after a confirmed reservation, you will receive a

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Last Minute Offers and More…


Please check the apartments on the “Last Minute Offers” on the top of the side column… ———– Looking for a comfortable accommodation in the heart of Istanbul?… Istanbul Sweet Home is there for you offering a variety of competitive lodging alternatives to elaborate hotels in Istanbul, Turkey Directly from the owner, Istanbul Sweet Home provides its guests with several different

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Beaches in and around Istanbul


Here’s yet another question I’ve been asked by our guests especially when summer’s approaching. “Where are the best places/beaches for swimming in Istanbul?”… So I will try to make it as simple and informative as possible. The very first thing here to say is, sadly, although Istanbul is surrounded by seas (the Marmara and the Black Sea) all around, it

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Special thanks


Well, it has been a while since we had a twitter account and occasionally sent posts about Istanbul, events, weather etc and also some bit of an information on our rental apartments such as last minute offers and so on. However, I just noticed we had received some nice comments in time as well (on twitter) when I made a

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