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Get your selfies on twitter with #IstanbulSHSelfie

Selfies have been on the scene for quite a while especially with the popularity of smart phones. But especially after Ellen Degeneres’ performance on the night of the oscars, selfies gained a worldwide fame, not only among the younger generation but throughout all age groups. And now we are getting on the ship, too. We ask you to take your

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How to receive up to 15% discount

Did you know you could receive up to 15% discount at Istanbul Sweet Home? Well let’s see how you can benefit euros on your rental! The first option is flexible travel dates. If your travel dates perfectly match our calendar for an apartment without leaving more than a day gap before or after a confirmed reservation, you will receive a

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Special thanks

Well, it has been a while since we had a twitter account and occasionally sent posts about Istanbul, events, weather etc and also some bit of an information on our rental apartments such as last minute offers and so on. However, I just noticed we had received some nice comments in time as well (on twitter) when I made a

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