Page 51 5 Contour cutting on the SummaCut Series 5. To set up your cutter for knife operation, proceed as follows. Print page 1 Print document 64 pages. If the Summa name is not mentioned in the list of available software drivers, use Summagraphics drivers. Operating Voltage Conversion To change the fuse s , remove the fuse s from the fuse box behind the cover plate of the power entry module.

summacut d520 driver

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Operating Voltage Conversion To change the fuse sremove the fuse s from the fuse box behind the cover plate of the power entry module. All queries, comments or suggestions concerning this and other Summaut manuals should be directed to Firstly, when using long sheets, roll up the sheet so that the alignment is identical to that of a roll.

This means that the two green LEDs are off. Page 51 5 Contour cutting on the SummaCut Series 5. NOTE It is not necessary to unroll the media manually from the roll.

This can be avoided by adding a small rectangle that has its summacit left corner right in the origin. Turning the cutting depth adjustment screw anticlockwise will decrease the cutting depth. This manual is also suitable for: Page 7 The Origin key Summa Cutter Control This program will only communicate with the cutter if the cutter is in on-line mode. When using sheets, there are two possibilities.


Some fine tuning may be necessary because of the mechanical tolerances on the knife. It is very important that both media edges always rest on the sleeves in drivre a way that the two pinch rollers, which are positioned 3 to 15 mm 0.

Print page 1 Print document 64 pages.

summacut d520 driver

Make sure that the port is correctly configured. If you are unsure if your cable is a RS C cable, contact your plotter distributor. It does not require any distance parameters. The alignment methods are based on the principle of cross-marks that are printed together with the drawing. The functions of the control panel keys are explained in the following paragraphs.

For a full list of all duly certified media suitable for friction drive operation, see Appendix A.

EuroCUT Professional – Drivers

To make a recut, proceed as follows: The user-addressable resolution can be set to 0. Unauthorized copying, modification, distribution or display is prohibited.

summacut d520 driver

For or V AC operation, use only 1. A dialog box will appear.


This method only rotates the contour. They are virtually friction-free and require no lubrication.

List Of Supported Cutters – SignGo

Cut the file once with your usual software. When connecting the d20 to the host computer, always proceed as follows: If you wish to cut in a portrait fashion simply rotate your graphics.

For more information about setting up the port parameters, read the help instructions included in the program. The SummaCut cutters will only perform according to specifications if a genuine Summagraphics knife, pen or pouncing tool is installed.

DrawCut EXPERT Cutting Software

Adjustable knife pressure and offset settings controlled by microprocessor. For this method, the origin and one point along the x-axis must be specified. Fasson is a trademark of Avery. An alphabetic list of all duly drover media is included below.