Older version, yet still supported: A transition from the a. Retrieved 25 October Debian releases do not follow a fixed schedule. Retrieved 1 July Debian 9 Stretch was released on 17 June , two years and two months after Debian 8. This release consisted of packages maintained by developers.

subtlelock 2.0 deb

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It was superseded by DebianBo on June 5th, The following processors, supported in jessie, are now unspported: Retrieved from ” https: The web browser Chromium was introduced and Debian was ported to the kfreebsd-i and kfreebsd-amd64 architectures while that port was later discontinuedand support for the IntelAlphaand PA-RISC hppa architectures was dropped.

subtlelock 2.0 deb

Retrieved 8 September Support for class processors was dropped, somewhat accidentally, in squeeze. This was also the first release that supported the installation and booting in devices using UEFI firmware.

This release features a new installer: Views Read Edit View history.

LXQt has been added as well. It was also the first release to include a full office suite: We recognise and acknowledge that discontinuing any port is unavoidably disruptive. Retrieved 9 April Older version, yet still supported: Improvements in the installation process allowed visually impaired people to install the system using software speech for the first time.

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SubtleLock is a tweak for subtlelocm minimalistic users. This was the first time a Linux distribution has been extended to also allow use of a non-Linux kernel.


subtlelock 2.0 deb

It was taken, like all others so far, from a character in one of the Toy Story movies By this time, Bruce Perens had taken over leadership of the Project from Ian Murdock, and Bruce was working at Pixar, the company that produced the movies. This release consisted of packages maintained by developers.

No new architectures were added to the release, although an unofficial AMD64 port was published at the same time and distributed through the new Alioth project hosting site. Retrieved 22 January Winter is Coming but not to South Africa “.

It also does not interfere subtlleock Media Center controls on the LockScreen, and SubtleLock will not make any noticeable impact and device performance.

This release was fully ELF, used Linux kernel 2.

Debian version history

SubtleLock iOS 7 1. The key technical innovation was the introduction of apt, a new package management interface.

subtlelock 2.0 deb

Debian 11 Bullseye is the upcoming release of the operating system. Retrieved 23 May This release did not feature the FreeBSD port, although much work on the port had been done to make it qualify it did not meet yet the qualification requirements for this release. A transition was made to libc6 and Debian was ported to the Motorola series m68k architectures. This is also the first release to include cryptographic software due to the restrictions for exportation being lightened in the US, and also the first one to 20.


KDE, now that the license issues with QT were resolved.

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Debian was ported to x amd64 and support for the Motorola series m68k architectures was dropped. One architecture was added in this release: This was the first multi-architecture release of Debian, adding support for the Motorola series architectures. LockInfo Forecast visual complications IntelliscreenX compatibility issues Forecast visual complications Unfold visual complications SBRotator compatibility issues http: This release continued using the debian-installer, but featuring in this release a graphical installer, cryptographic verification of downloaded packages, more flexible de with support for encrypted partitionssimplified mail configuration, a dfb flexible desktop selection, simplified but improved localization and new modes, including a rescue mode.