This mod overrides the EA requirement that teenagers be related to sleep in the same bed together. Business As Unusual Bistro This mod modifies EA’s store content bistro oven splitting the chef and waiter roles in two and allows you to set shifts for them. It is also possible to load custom book lists, custom skills, and standing social interactions. The EA story progression will be disabled by this mod, and a new, hopefully better, system is started in its place. If it’s happening at other times, there is something else going on.

storyprogression mod von twallan

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Allow” doesn’t have to do with traits; it’s more about categories that Sims belong to or conditions that a Sim meets.

Nraas Story Progressionissues! :: The Sims(TM) 3 Allgemeine Diskussionen

I agree that it’s kind of aggravating. They are the only game-changing mods I will use.

storyprogression mod von twallan

But how do you work it so you get desired results? Computica has provided their “Ultimate” name list, containing: Twalllan also allows for teen woohoo and pregnancy along with risky woohoo.

The mod has the capability to add accessories, body hair, makeup, and new hair to all sims, increasing the variety of your town’s population. It does not replace pre-existing double beds in your town.

RelationshipPanel This mod changes the Relationship Panel. It’s just a lot to file through! This mod replaces the travel code, and re-enables the script error logging.


If you do not specify a sim to man an object, the syste Traveler turns all the worlds into vacation designations. The only issue I have with it is that sometimes I have to go in and change the settings because the game already had plans for the sim that my sim is interested in. Log me on automatically each visit.

storyprogression mod von twallan

storyprogression For the underlying problem, you can blame the developers. The teens in question don’t even have a Lifetime Wish yet! No Fridge Shopping This mod replaces the meal-making interactions on the fridge with custom ones that check whether the Sim has the required ingredients to make the meal or snack. WTF is up with that anyway? Log me on automatically each visit.

nraas – StoryProgression

The money can then be used in various situations like improving the school or library within the town or financing a children’s home. There is a boatload of Boolean logic involved with sorting through those caste options, so I’m afraid that “SP for Dummies” isn’t going to be very helpful.

This mod changes the Relationship Panel. I’ve tried doing all of that with the game paused in order to keep SP from messing with my household while they aren’t active, but I almost invariably have to undo what SP changed while I was vo occupied.

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StoryProgression This mod is a non-core story progression replacement. Joe can’t come over right now because he’s got a job, so you do that stuff outside of his work hours. It usually doesn’t go beyond that, which is why I said that it’s rare OK, Don Lothario in Riverside is kind of designed to be a skirt-chaser.


StoryProgression Money This module contains the expanded money scenarios for use with StoryProgressionwhich includes but is not limited to: There is so much to both of these, that it is hard to just casually mention them in twallah blog post.

storyprogression mod von twallan

Zuletzt bearbeitet von JohnL ; This mods updates interactions and game systems to properly handle having occult hybrids. But whatever I know they don’t really “think”.

I wouldn’t mind the trick stlryprogression treating except it seems to come more than just once a “sim-year” and always at the most inopportune times, like the kids and teens my sims are playing with take off suddenly to go trick or treat.

The effect is not immediate, but is delayed by real-time milliseconds. This mod alters what happens when you click on an object in game.