Of course if you have Snow Leopard you will likely discover a Thumbnail Cache bug which Sony neglects to mention and has not yet provided an update to fix. I am running on OS Thanks for the help. Is anything else required? Tipard Video Converter 3. The servicePlus website seems to be just for US.

sony xdcam transfer 2.13

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Is it appropriate to get v2.

Camcorder Video Converter 3. Trying to open the reader without any software installs gives the option to ‘format drive’ which seems obviously undesirable.

sony xdcam transfer 2.13

Did you find the answer anywhere? Thanks for the help.

XDCAM Transfer Tool 2.70 for Mac is out

Do you need this software when transferring from a card reader to a PC? Zony, I’m new to these forums and I hope resurrecting this old thread isn’t bad form but I have a related question. For even older applications, there’s another tool caller Basilisk Tramsfer that emulates the classical Mac machines. XDCAM camcorder and deck users should make sure that they are running the most current versions of deck and camcorder firmware available on this web page to maintain compatibility with discs created by drives running VFAM 3.


Cinemon Mp4 Plug-in Uninstaller 1.

sony xdcam transfer 2.13

Craig Seeman really nailed that one! Anywhere to find 2. To the left of that you’ll note that the Product Category is Videotape Recorders This is to let you know that you are downloading the Videotape Recorder for your tapeless camera.

Hope someone can help. Click on Click Here to Download Software.

XDCAM Transfer Tool for Mac is out : Sony EX, FS5/FS7 & Related

Click on View All in that frame http: It’s very tiny to ensure no one over 40 can read it. Also, I’d like to get it for another machine that we may be ingesting some EX footage. I am running on OS Is anything else required? So I assume that the full installer will take care of that issue? No exact matches found for “xdcam transfer 2. For more details on how to do that, you should check out this article. Results for similar searches are shown below. Choose the second one that looks like this: I’m very new to mac’s, I don’t understand how this “app” thing works!


sony xdcam transfer 2.13

I’ve searched and searched on Sony’s website Because video processing is too technical to be entrusted to anyone… Because you want to preserve quality during an encoding The servicePlus website seems xecam be just for US. And, I forgot to mention I actually had found this link, but was confused Matrox Vetura Capture 1. I’m using Leopard with Final Cut Studio 3.

I’m transfr the same problem. Of course if you have Snow Leopard you will likely discover a Thumbnail Cache bug which Sony neglects to mention and has not yet provided an update to fix. Hi all, Sorry to also resurrect this thread again.

Next, you will need to download the necessary ROM files from Apple and, once that’s done, you will be able to install the application on the emulator and run it.