Films directed by Kovelamudi Bapayya. First half of the film is excellent. This song is shot on Tarun and Arti Agarwal. This song is the highlight of Soggadu. Here is the description of all four songs of first half in this film – 1. Tarun did pretty well with effortless ease. Editing by Anthony is appropriate.

soggadu old telugu movie songs

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Subbaraju is adequate to the role of brother of heroine.

soggadu old telugu movie songs

His comedy timing is good. But he does not get an opportunity to meet and talk to her because od her over protective ruffian brother Subbaraju. Bapaiah Produced by D. Maaku already chala door lu vunnai.

Soggadu – Telugu cinema Review – Tarun, Arti Agarwal

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Doomsday http: When he comes to know about Swati’s unwillingness to marry a guy whom her brother fixed, Ravi helps her by taking her away from marriage ceremony. Antasthulu Songs Download Guna Film: Posted by hunkyguyz Labels: It is pretty jovial and irresponsible in first half and very serious and responsible in second half. Ajith, Nayantara, Prabhu, RahumanD Vincent Edited by Narasimha Rao Production company.


Soggadu is a blockbuster Telugu drama film directed by K. The cameos done by Ali and Sunil are good. Here is the description of all four songs of first half in this film.

Ramesh, Mallika Kapoor, Kar This song is about friends teasing Tarun about his love-at-first-sight experience. Sumanth, Kajal, Suman, Nassar, S Editing by Anthony is appropriate.

Mahadevan s Telugu-language films Indian drama films.

soggadu old telugu movie songs

Sobhanadri challenges Paramesham that he will marry an educated girl. You will not regret watching Soggadu as the first half and songs itself would give value for your money.


Saroja’s father Paramesham Allu Ramalingaiah moviie not like this as he wants Saroja to be married to a well-educated individual.

Soggadu ( film) – Wikipedia

The flashback episode does not connect well with the audiences. Mast Ali, Aziz Janbaaz, This song is a short and sweet melody.

Meet the Spartans http: The props, locations, costumes and theme of this song make this song most innovative one among the ones we have seen in the recent days Other departments: First half of the film is excellent. Soggadu – Chali Vestundi Champestundi 3.

soggadu old telugu movie songs

The friends’ gang of Tarun led by Vijay did well. Filmfare Award for Best Telugu Film. Archived from the original on 27 September Bhupesh R Bhupati Choreography: