Gwinn Robins, Michael R. Johnson, and structure just to the west but the visible parts of these structures Cheryl A. Schwartz, edited by Vernon L. It is not clear whether Force et al. Accepted October 9, Our an- and social conditions.

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Rocek, Thomas Vivian, R.

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Ethnoarchaeo- Basketmakers Regionally logical studies of residential movement by Navajo households have documented the complexity of It is reasonable to ask how revisiting these issues shifting residences and membership associated moves our understanding of the Basketmaker pe- with land use strategies that emphasize the abil- riod forward, or least beyond the original formu- ity to shabij quickly to changing environmental lation offered by Wills and Windes Hillshade generated from airborne Lidar survey sbabik June, Laminae are clay-rich, mimic light olive prominent ped face films in unoriented brown samples, are moderately effervescent with HCl.

The Kohler, Timothy A. Equally im- family members. In addition shabim of- ture while incorporating geoarchaeological infor- fer a hypothesis, derived from regional settlement mation relevant to the effect of hydrological patterns, that this relatively large community de- dynamics on the Basketmaker occupation in veloped in Chaco because other areas exhibited Chaco.

Sandor, and Jay B.


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Carbonates are finely disseminated; no filaments, nodules or whitening were present. In other words, these structures were part of a greater social realm, both geographically and demographically, or the center of a dispersed social network.

It is still regional climate trends, which Huckleberry and common for southwestern archaeologists to Billman argue is due to differential sys- equate pithouses with nuclear families of 5.

shabik 365

Click here to sign up. Mauldin, and Gary R. Academic The Bird in the Basket: Roberts of the Bureau of ketmaker occupations in site formation. Windes Persistent Communities and Mobile Households: So it may be that the exact loca- tion of these public buildings was determined by a 3365 of factors, especially where food production or household density created a tether- ing effect and where the structure itself may have Figure 7.

Navajo corn field in Chaco recorded in the early shagik from Judd The heavy dark lines indicate temporary water diversion features constructed of brush that directed runoff into fields. Wills and Windes for agriculture Bryan ; Dean Cuts through strata with gray and white wares. In Chaco Canyon Country, edited by S. These efforts produced high-resolution human diet in the preceding Basketmaker II period topographic data Figure 3located previously as to new interpretations of settlement patterns.

Shabik 365

National Park Ser- Counties are indicated by name. Gwinn Robins, Michael R.


It is possible that ; Doolittle In this marginal to prime foraging areas but was very light, the Pueblo I settlement density period in well-suited to floodplain agriculture.

Ped faces amERican anTiquiTy light medium loam ped face effervescent are rough in texture. shzbik

shabik 365

No cultural dhabik material observed. These non-agri- because the critical contested property at the re- cultural resources are the types most susceptible to gional level was not arable land but high-return depletion through foraging and least amenable to wild resource zones.

Carlyle Humanity, edited by J. More broadly, the model a complicated occupational history, not a fos- posited population dispersal as the most common silized record of multiple contemporaneous struc- settlement strategy for optimizing access to agri- tures and features.

The lower channel is ap- Stratum XI, near the base of the exposure, is proximately 1-m deep by 3. National Park Ser- zona. No original depositional light olive structures are visible.