In the test I did, however, the assessment was indeed correct. In order to know what the results mean, you’d have to already know about processors, so there might be more advanced programs that work better and give you more information. Essentially, SecurAble can scan your system processor and tell whether the processor can handle bit operating systems. Why can’t i just get it down? How ready is your computer system for new operating systems?

securable exe

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Even though programs have no need to execute code from memory buffers wxe as containing data, many do, because doing so was never frowned upon or prohibited by the system. As an interim measure, Microsoft create per-program OptOut and OptIn policies to create exceptions so that a Windows system that is trying to enforce DEP can tolerate a few misbehaving programs.

securable exe

This tool doesn’t need to be installed and running it is a simple as just clicking on the SecurAble icon. Clicking on any of the options will show you Securaable assessment of your computer’s abilities, all described in friendly and easy-to-understand terms.

SecurAble is a specific tool for a specific job, and it performs perfectly.

SecurAble (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Last but not least, it provides information on hardware support for virtualization, with comprehensive details about every single feature.


AIDA64 Unlock any digital product’s access code without paying the price. Disk Health Monitor Keep your hard drives in check. If hardware DEP isn’t perfect then what good is it? Leaving without your download? Basically, the application displays whether the processor can handle bit Windows versions and applications, but it also informs the user whether hardware-based data execution prevention DEP is supported.

Why is it worth the hassle?

securable exe

A security application that studies the users processor and checks for available security features. It runs without installation. The best security is obtained through removing the easiest means of penetration and making security breaches more difficult, expensive, and less likely to succeed.

There’s no separate help file included in the package, but clicking on each of the three aforementioned sections opens a separate screen with additional information.

WinRAR The king of compressed files.

SecurAble 1.0.2570.1

Fortunately, that situation did not last long. The contents sxe this page are Copyright c Gibson Research Corporation. Ever wanted to get up close and personal with your processor? Jan 31, at How convenient is that? Of course, users will either need the knowledge to verify the program’s verdict themselves, or else they’ll just have to trust it.

Installation of the software is a breeze and less resources are used by it. No thanks Submit review. Securable is a terrific program for learning more about your system’s processor.


securahle In English Program license: Just click on the icon and you’re going to learn a wealth of information about your processing speeds and capabilities. A sevurable is one of the most important parts of any computer. Can your hardware handle some of the latest technologies? In order to know what the results mean, you’d have to already know about processors, so there might be more advanced programs that work better and give you more information. Your review for SecurAble. What does that mean?

SecurAble probes the system’s processor to determine the presence, absence and operational status of three modern processor features: If you are thinking about upgrading or changing your operating system, for example, it’s a really good idea to check securzble your current processing capabilities are up to the challenge of the new software, and SecurAble is a little tool that will help you do just that.