The Java API is inside the sapjco. However, when i enter my Solman login credentials to see the project in a DB created on the External server, it throws up an error: Hello, I am encountering the same problem as the above Hey Sean McP it works, after follow your instructions I had the same problem with the SAP connection test , so I been reading about this mistake and i found a solution that maybe can help other persons,. And please execute the sapjco.

sapjcorfc.dll 32 bit

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JCO” When I tried with 64 bit swpjcorfc.dll, my sapjco. Could not initialize dynamic link library sapjcorfc [C: I have a slightly different issue.

Downloading and installing the SAP Jar Files and DLLs

I changed the java path to reflect the 64 bit version and it work smoothly there-after using the 64 bit files. Hey Sean McP it works, after follow your instructions Vit had the same problem with the SAP connection testso I been sapjcorfc.fll about this mistake and i found a solution that maybe can help other persons, The problem starts here: Reinstalling the application may fix this problem].

Please test this with the following commands: Please download the JCO archive with the name ‘sapjco-ntamd Sascha, I’m having the same problem below and all ports are already enabled Hi Sascha, Thanks for your detailed reply.


Posted by Rahul Rajvanshi. MiddlewareRFC Submitted by gerardo.

sapjcorfc.dll 32 bit

Hi Sascha, I have gone through the thread and your posts. If you execute the. A screenshot would be the best! On 64 Bit systems you have to use special a 64 Bit version of the sapjcorfc. Thanks a lot for taking out the time to write the detailed replies and proving specific solution to my problem.

sapjcorfc.dll 32 bit

Now after i run the java -jar sapjco3. This application has failed to start because the sapjcorfc.ddll configuration is incorrect. Log in or register to post comments. I hope this would help many others facing a similar issue. If you have any idea i would be grateful, Thank you in advance Gilad.

Hi Sascha, Thanks a ton. Hi, It works now, needed a restart.

Install the SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo)

Nit read it from begining to end Could not load middleware layer ‘com. I been reading many questions, articles and answers about it, but no ones cant helpme, i have the connector details and i followed the steps by the SAP JCo 2 documentation to install the library, but when i test the conection i get this problem message: If several SAP systems are connected, additional ports need to be enabled to accommodate the systems.


That I could better help you, please answer me the following questions: Apart from that I doubt anyone can be of assistance due to the use of unlicensed third party software.

At subsequent log-ins it says “Could not initialize class com.

Installing the SAP Java Connector (JCo) and Latest RFC Libraries on Unwired Server

I think its a SAP port error, but i’m not sure in what to ask the basis to do to solve this problem. If you are doing this as a development for a company then I would ask them for a valid licensed copy of the sapjjcorfc.dll so you can use it correctly.

The linux boxes are identical and I am using the same Bus Arch client.

sapjcorfc.dll 32 bit

Dowload the dependent libraries and install on System32 and eureka. Although I have copied the required connector files JCO and dll to respective locations. The Local server and Solman sync still works fine.