It is costly but very powerful. Sudarshana allegorically refers to the Sudarshana Chakra in the hands of Lord Vishnu. Over a period of time, when it becomes a habit, you will find that your mind becomes calm. You pervade and reside in all the creations of Your Lord. O shrI sudarshana of such auspicious qualities! May Thou with such auspicious attributes prosper further! This is also good for pregnant women who only need to think of Lord Sudarshana.

sanskrit sloka mantra sudarshana shadkam

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You stood at the tip of Siva’s arrow, when He was engaged in the campaign to destroy TripurAsura. As Ambareesan and his spouse are deep in meditation thinking about Lord Maha Vishnu, Sri Hari is extremely pleased with their devotion and blesses them sudsrshana a boon saying that the Sudarshana Chakra will forever protect them.

sanskrit sloka mantra sudarshana shadkam

Lord Sudarshana started running behind the Sage Durvasa. Sir, we would like to recite the sudarshan sloka.

Even when he cursed others, his power became more intense. Incensed by King Ambareesan who broke his fast without waiting for him, the sage directed an evil power towards the King.


Sunder Hattangadi sunderh at hotmail. You have taken the form of the Universe and its contents. The Satapatha Brahmana belonging to Sukla Yajur Veda hails your glories and pays its tributes to you.

sanskrit sloka mantra sudarshana shadkam

I wish to know the 10 line sloka of Sudarshana Chakra. You are of the form of the three Vedas.

Powerful Sudarshana Shloka by Kalakad Ganapathy

It is a powerful hymn, Mr Kalakad has done a good job. O shrI sudarshana of such auspicious qualities!

Picture the image of Lord Sudarshana as the one who is smiling and wielding the sudarshana chakra while chanting. The Devas celebrate Your heroic deeds and experience joy in witnessing Your powerful actions.

However, the simple shlokas given below can be chanted daily. The Vedas have firmly established Your glory in their many chapters. Developed and Programmed by ekant solutions. Chanting must be with immense faith. Swami Desikan is said to have composed it to help the residents of Tirupputkuzhi, when they suffered from the grip of a epidemic fever.

I want the 10 line sloka of Sudarshana Chakra to chant weekly once ie. Comments on this Article. Interested in performing Sudarsana homam in my home in a modest manner.

You are like the resplendent Sun banishing the sudatshana night of Samsara, which bedevil your devotees. But three things need to be borne in mind. O Lord sudarshana of these auspicious attributes! You are sudarshaja conqueror of Powerful illusions mAyA caused by Asuras. It is costly but very powerful. Both these meters hint at the Vedic origin of sudarshana as indicated by Swami Desikan in one or more verses of this Stotram.


Sanskrit sloka mantra sudarshana shadkam

I have read the power of Maha Sudarshana Chakra. Ahirbudhnya Samhita states that Ahirbudhnya Siva worships you and sought the boon to see your beautiful form with His own eyes. May i also get the ten line sloka, also intrested in the chanting of these mantras. You can chant as many times as you want.

sanskrit sloka mantra sudarshana shadkam

You have the power to accomplish every deed. Doctors could not tell what was wrong with her.