With the locking box in place, it is not possible to remove the SD card or the power cable without a key, making the camera virtually tamper proof. For this review, I am going to use the Roadhawk DC-1 Suction Mount available separately as it will allow me to use it in different cars so moving the Roadhawk unit around will be easier for me without having to use up the 3M adhesives pads. Rating — out 4 of 5 Link to purchase — http: This camera offers up to p resolution scalable to p or p for longer record times , low light sensor, GPS receiver, G-force sensor, SDXC memory compatibility and image stabilization, the DC-2 is a huge increase in performance over the DC-1 whilst offering many of the facilities of the RoadHawk HD. But the Roadhawk DC-1 takes the concept of in-car black box to another level.

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The 3 dimensional gyro provides G-Force data which will lock a video file if the camera detects an impact.

Speed Unit — displays the vehicle speed in the required unit. However the drawback of this is the software is only available on Windows platform.

We have now added the ability to tweak these settings so you can fine tune them to your own preference. Once you’re up and running, the auto record and accident features mean you can leave it to do its thing and basically forget about it. Using the tracking software, the fleet manager can make the decision to contact the driver to get more info about the situation.


Press OK to save changes. Car Number — You may enter the registration of the vehicle in this box. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Double click the ZIP file: The next time the camera is powered on with this card inserted it will read the config file and set itself accordingly.

RoadHawk DC-2 –

Most drivers will not see the camera from a normal driving position. Set how sensitive the G-Force sensor is. This could be a collision, a pothole or a manual event created by sottware the E button on the camera.

The DC-2 uses the provided 3M adhesive pad to mount the camera behind your rear view mirror.

Review: Roadhawk DC-1 (1CH) | Dash Cam Video

This sensor exceeds the performance of IR sensors. At this point, you might be seeing a video recorded several days or weeks ago at the top of the list.

Against Mediocre image quality Not suitable for making movies Can add to in-car cable clutter. By default, the Roadhawk DC-1 unit is set up with these settings set as: You can also set the Roadhawk DC-1 to protect data when the g-force sensor detects an accident or impact.

RoadHawk DC-1 Software Guide PDF

But I was able to grab the video footages from the Infinite recording files, assuming it has not been overwritten. RoadHawk DC-2 is one of only a few in vehicle black box cameras on the market fitted with full EIS electronic image stabilization to give you the smoothest video even on the roughest of road surfaces.


Time Setting — Manually change the time setting of the camera. When this is selected to ON the camera roadhxwk measure the exposure settings from the center of the image instead of the outside. When you make a change to the settings, the software will save a small config file to your SD card. GPS antenna, remote event trigger, alarm output trigger to fit many tracking systemslocking box and suction mount.

But the Roadhawk Sofgware is a more permanent solution that can be hard wired for constant power supply and do everything without you ever needing to think about it. Web Design by Dijitul. Braking will show up as the spot moving upwards on the meter. Keep safe on the highway view our products. Communicate with tracker… Roadhwak RoadHawk DC-2 has an alarm output which can be connected to many different types of tracking devices.

High Quality Recording Mode: So when you turn the engine on, the unit will be powered on itself. The Roadhawk DC-1’s safety aspect is covered by automatically recording when the car is started. But you can still playback the MP4 files on any platforms.