April 20, 1: Thank you so much for all the mp3! I saw a a show once in NYC and afterwards he took me into a back alley and beat my face to a bloody pulp, and then he stole my Regina t-shirt right off my back. I just went to a performance of Verdi’s Requiem and the latin part of Lacrimosa is from it. Anyway, if I’m not mistaken the Russian in Apres Moi that you asked for some help with is the first stanza of this poem by Boris Pasternak:

regina spektor raindrops mp3

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November 06, 3: Not ballet ruse, whatever that would be. March 01, I look forward to when you post again! That tearful day, when from the ashes shall rise again sinful man to be judged.

Language, my dear srg. June 27, Nice site btw, some hot live mp3 action is always appreciated December 07, Or perhaps I dreamt it all. November 21, 2: Thank you, I love you, you are incredible and wonderful, almost to the point where you rival Regkna, but not quite, of course.


regina spektor raindrops mp3

There are some links in spekktor blog that appear to be broken: Love and such from the Ruthless Yolandas. I think I love you. June 14, I can’t find the lyrics to “a cooler version” and I really do need them. March 19, 8: April 02, I seem to recall regina saying this somewhere in a discussion.

Raindrops Lyrics

October 13, 4: I couldn’t find an email address, so I’m just going to comment here. Not the Regina I fell in love with. Not at all sure the date on it.

regina spektor raindrops mp3

August 04, 6: Maybe some of us have gotten nostalgic for the days of unending gridlock. Love the new CD, of course, but thesexycleverone is sooo much better live. M3p is the way the world ends. I’m downloading yet another show and I’m at a loss of knowing as to why. Did you see my comment last time about giving you the short-lived first layout of sogoddamnyoung.

Hi, I came by to ask if you still needed the Latin lyrics of Lacrimosa, but I see I’ve been beaten to it!


regina spektor raindrops mp3

Delusional blind bastard after all. Regina on The Tonight Show.


Hey, remember that time when I would only smoke Pall Malls? I can’t imagine why, but I feel like dancing. Hi all Watch Regina answer 10 questions about democracy on: