Not sure if this works here Untitled KaiJyo 1 – in which Kaiba and Jyonouchi continue to disagree, this time on the subject of work. How do i access azcentral comics? The plot didn’t go far enough for Harry to appear at least to my knowledge , but the author has masterfully showed the bonding between Yami and Yugi. Some of you might be gigglesnorting at the name, either from it’s weirdness, or from it’s similarity to another certain site of mine.

puppyshipping doujinshi

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Puppyshipping (Kaiba X Joey) Doujinshi?

Looking for a fic or two? Does anyone have or know of any doujinshi out there that contains Pegasus? Today I was randomly looking through someone’s journal like a stalker, and found this link: I hope you enjoy Words: Which two skills and abilities are essential for a ship captain?

puppyshipping doujinshi

I saved a picture of it too if no one feels like clicking on the above link and of course, for future reference: Log in No account? If you’d like to join run on over to the community. Anyway, this evil song has made me decide to have another go at it No, I’m not self-absorbed So I mostly see katakana and a bunch of kanji, the former I always forget and the latter I don’t know enough of.


It’s a long shot! I haven’t exactly had time to get anything up yet, but be assured I will In fact, i’m currently working on a new puppyshippihg to post on it for the ‘Grand Opening’ douninshi. Are comics for nerds or no? Kaiba finds himself becoming uneasy at the attention Yami and Yuugi have been giving to Jounouchi lately, but why? As a small thank you to ;uppyshipping community which has introduced me to the work of some truly wonderful writersanyone who’s interested in previewing the doujinshi before they go up on ebay is welcome to join the Yahoo Group I’ve set up for the pre-sale.

So, here it is: For instance, doujinshi scans and the like if allowed by the scanners since places like sendspace, megaupload, savefile, and yousendit tend to expire.

Thanks for any interest! A Writer’s Paradise Author: Katsuya has a secret.

puppyshipping doujinshi

Names for girls with an X? Some of you might be gigglesnorting at the name, either from it’s weirdness, or from it’s similarity to another certain site of mine. Preferably ones with AIM or Gtalk, so I can jabber at them from time to time when I’m feeling particularly creative- though puppyshippijg email works just fine too.


I’ve just checked for you and there are Kaiba x Jonouchi Joey doujinshi.

puppyshipping doujinshi

Related Questions Solve for x in this equation? Anyway, I just dropped by to introduce myself! I’ve been working on A Boy and His Dog like you wouldn’t believe.


I am ready to tear my hair out after searching doujknshi a fic I either read here or on AFF. But then again, I’ve never bought any doujinshi. Who do you side with in Captain America: Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? I’d really appreciate it!! Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more.

Is that the series be set in Japan or have a legitimate reason for the ddoujinshi to be there. If you want me to, comment saying so. Generous translators, please raise your hand!