Or at least one involving things you’ve already bought, like the excellent Uncharted: Of course, Warner tells the story a little differently, and on a recent conference call when asked about any “compensation” Kevin Tsujihara, president, Warner Bros. We have an online component called a ‘starter pack’ that’s shipping with Metal Gear 4,” Konami told GameSpot, before confirming that downloadable content will be released following MGS4’s release. You can even mount installed games as ISOs, though I’m not sure whether that’s really very useful. Activate it for comics.

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It’s been a slow process, whereas PSN hasn’t been restricted by size, they’ve just done Warhawk for example.

HEN compatibility list (DAX)

Just enter your destination and Go! Returns to XMB without an error message. It was a big splash at first, but studios seemed to put out titles that didn’t really appeal to the PSP demographic. Although Sony hasn’t given it the whole press-release treatment, the revelation comes from an easily miss-able mention on their official site for the upcoming CES show.

Digg this news and let the Gaming World know that Homebrew has taken over. Here’s the second release of my game Basket Catch. But he says the list for consumers goes: Finally, the PSN update also included a demo of another downloadable game, Snakeball, which Dan Whitehead quite liked, revealing that yes it is a bit like the mobile phone game. Wipeout Pulse MP3 Asked about the specifics of current development, Payton said that it is possible to play the game from start to finish, although certain elements such as the opening cinematic aren’t finished yet.


Even better, is there a solution in sight that can finally put this to rest?

pspwvista rc2

That makes it easier for Wal-Mart to push Blu Ray. Popstation works on the HEN.

HEN compatibility list (DAX) | Forums

There are 5 visulations. It could upscale standard-def video extensively, in real-time, to achieve a picture quality that’s far closer to HD than current sets do. For several weeks, the indices and many are accumulating evidence that betray the release of a new PSP: It’s still unclear when we can expect a patch and EA, responsible for the games PS3 port and publishing, was unable to offer confirmation or a concrete timeframe.

What do you take as the new plan for UMD?

pspwvista rc2

The teen demographic we’ve kind of pspvista, it’s a good demographic for us. Gray-Man, and Black Cat. However, the games themselves don’t run, simply because the HEN doesn’t have the support that the games need to run.

Two to three day leadtime is standard for all hockey images and products.

Finally decided to get on here The full version of The Club is due out on PS3, Xbox and PC on 8th February, and there’s a bundle of previews, videos and other assorted attention-grabbers on its gamepage. As always, it is open source, with the source code included for you to modify. One of the recent firmware updates added Remote Play to PS One titles, but it was more or less secretly discovered by gamers.


pspwvista rc2

Default button setup is: As for the storyline, Vegas 2 doesn’t begin straight after Vegas. There wasn’t much of a gaming display at their booth though Metal Gear Solid 4 garnered its fair share of attentionbut PSP senior product manager John Koller was on-hand to answer some of our questions about the future of their handheld, and we think you’ll be surprised at some his answers read: Maybe this isn’t really a problem but I expected it to work and I want to know what’s up with it.

For now, the plan is that the service will be free and it “can be used potentially on any Blu-ray movie title. Thread starter Jetbomb Start date May 10, Last edited by plop; at In fact, it doesn’t begin after Vegas at all.