MS executives have confirmed in the past that VMM v. Today is the day: We know MS and Citrix are veery tight. One fo the reasons I love virtual machines is because they are mobile. Encryption of virtual machines is something that has been requested for years by the security community. Join Now Learn More.

project kensho ovf tool

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The EULA is presented during importation, forcing the consumer to agree or decline use of the appliance.

The solution is expected to ship by Citrix in September. This article describes basic use cases of each tool and where it fits within the greater context of deploying tiol consuming virtual appliances.

Project Kensho OVF

As part of its OVF effort Citrix also announces a partnership with rPath, the succesful firm that offers an online tool rBuilder to build and deliver new virtual appliances by assembling Linux packages like Lego bricks.

Citrix has unveiled a solution with the codename of Project Kensho. This article is no longer maintained, its content refers to ogf discontinued product and may be out of date.

Yesterday Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Server which the company defines as a cloud-ready OS. This is very helpful when moving between hypervisors and gives users the freedom that OVF promises. Changing virtualisation platforms requires a tricky V2V process that vendors have made one-way.


Each tool is unique in how it uses OVF technology: VMware Infrastructure direct support is not available but, exactly because this is an interoperability, customers can create an OVF virtual machine with the new VMware Studio and import into XenServer with this wizard. By providing tools to address the conversion of physical and virtual disk formats to XenServer and the importation and exportation of OVF content, Citrix offers the tools necessary to move customers and partners into the virtual appliance world.

OVF supports one or more virtual machines within a package, allowing virtual appliance creators the ability to package entire datacenter suites into a single package and deliver that as a single OVA file. XenConvert is an excellent tool to convert and import OVF content into XenServer, and it represents yet another method of creating and consuming virtual appliances.

The above scenarios are just a few example use cases available in utilities using Kensho OVF technology. The package at the moment includes: Encryption of virtual machines is something that has been requested for years by the security community. Most of them except RDM and passthrough disks are just files, making them easy to migrate, copy, export, and import. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In the P2V scenario, XenConvert 2. This would offer huge fleixibility: Beside fancy definitions, one of the most relevant perks of this release….


This allows virtual appliance creators who have already invested time into organizing the virtual appliance to easily convert it to a standards based format.

Similar tool like OVF Tool for hyperV

This eases the post virtual appliance configuration issues. But OVF will give us something where, with a tiny amount of admin work product key and addition removalwe will have a format to make virtual machines even more mobile.

project kensho ovf tool

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Each utility allows creators and consumers of OVF content a variety of paths into XenServer creating flexibility for all users of the technology.

Project Kensho OVF Tool

This would offer huge toop. Applicable Products XenServer 5. OVF gives us a standard way to V2V virtual machines between many virtualisation platforms, depending on the support offered by those platforms for OVF.

project kensho ovf tool

The Magic Quadrant for the year was released in May last year…. Next will include added support for XenServer management. What does this mean to you? With this too, users have the ability to create virtual machine appliances by exporting one or more virtual machine guests from either the XenServer or Hyper-V platform.

Next and VMM v.