Plutonium CP Verlag. Psycho Soldier Imagine Software [b]. Pyramiden Hero Peter Diehm de. Pocket Rockets Capcom. Petals Around the Rose Loadstar.

project firestart c64 rom

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Passengers on the Wind Infogrames [cr Triad]. Pozitronic CP Verlag.

project firestart c64 rom

Power Poker Macrisoft it. Powers of Gloom 19xx – [cr Burp][t Troep].

Paranoia 19xx – Side B. Hammer Demonware [cr ACR]. Photo Safari Loadstar. Projekt Prometheus 19xx – de [cr CHR].

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Plutonium CP Verlag. Psycho Hopper Mastertronic [b]. Ping-Pong Konami [cr WC].

project firestart c64 rom

Pro Sports Teams Loadstar. Pitfall 2 – Lost Caverns Activision.

Project Firestart

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Paratroopers Firetart Software. Pro Eorit – [cr Active][a]. Phantom Karate Devils Phantom Software. Passing Shot Imageworks [cr Triangle][a]. Phun With Phonics Loadstar. Potty Pigeon Gremlin Graphics. Puff-Manager Triaxos de. Pivot Point Commodore Magazine. Fuzz Anirog Software fr. Patience Quartet Dave J. Paranoia 19xx – [b]. Platou Kingsoft [cr WOT].


Panic 64 Interceptor Micros. Parallax Ocean Software [a]. Pendu, Le Roland Dupont fr. Phaserdome Keypunch Software [cr Crusade].