Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have presently using a shopperpress theme from Premium Press. I will post once I see whether the promised update arrives this month. But then again, I have a great person who is the master at debugging! But I checked out their site and live frontend demos of the themes.

premiumpress directory theme

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I have read all comments including Mark Fail reply, but even after Mark has replied to Shams still I can see a lot negative feedback, this means the Premiumpress is totally not trustworthy,I was thinking of building a website like Fiverr and my concern was to buy Micro Jobs Theme from Premiumpress, now from those comments above I declare to say I am stopping it right away, until I got some good suggestion of which micro job theme is good or until I receive a better statement from Mark Fail, these comments are scaring everybody, and is very bad for the company image, Mark has to do something for these comments, they have to change their support department, thank you so much for those who has contributed their comments here, they real worth a millions of dollars.

I will post once I see whether the promised update arrives this month. You can set total listings limit, time period, price and other features for every listing package. Can anyone that had purchased to Templatic give some real advice? I was really thinking about buying 2 PP themes.

premiumpress directory theme

Also, after showing the hobby site to potential users and advertisers, I already have people registering and interested potential paid advertisers.

The important features areas includes map support, responsive design, user profile management, private message system, contact form and more.


Any directory website develop using this Business directory software will always adjust over tablets, mobile phones, laptop and desktop devices. PremiumPress Directroy Listing options: I gave up on PremiumPress about an year or so ago and just went back thinking that maybe all the bugs have been fixed. Did not move forward dieectory the next page…. That made me research even harder for a better alternative. You can also include questions which the visitors fill-in at the time of submission using the custom fields.

PremiumPress WordPress Directory Theme Review

The category displayed on the auction list is a sample from demo page, you dirfctory have your own custom dirctory list when you start directory website. Your review clearly indicates that these themes are the bundle of buggy code covered with a delusive stylish external appearance. Can you upgrade my theme to responsive version? In any case, if you or oremiumpress other user has legitimately purchased a copy of our non-responsive themes and would like a upgrade to the full club package, which includes access to ALL our new responsive themes, simply contact me and ill update their account for free.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Bernard, Thanks for your helpful and eye opener review here. It helps people who are curious to buy Premiumpress themes seeing their demos. The directories script is powered by latest responsive and light weight design so that visitors can enjoy fast browsing experience. Face it people, free does not work.

The second options is dirwctory list of auction category, by choosing particular category from available list you may specify the areas of your interest for search operation. At least that has been the case with every other theme… until Directory.


The new directory theme is a disaster and full of bugs. From my experience, stay away from free CMS scripts for a complicated Website unless you are very good directorj programming and unemployed. Finally, I did settle on both PP and Studiopress best value for themes not having registered users.

A review of Reliability of PremiumPress Themes + 24 customer reviews

Mark is just in there for the quick buck. I am a current customer of Templatic, with the new site close to going live. The coupon theme is horrible, a lot of bugs.

premiumpress directory theme

All it did was swap old problems with new ones. For a directory you now have to go to E-Directory or Brilliant, etc.

A review of Reliability of PremiumPress Themes + 24 customer reviews

You can even device which features you want to provide in particular package like Google map display, Image upload, Get featured on the top of directory page and more. If the author makes a small mistake he will, there are lots of numbers and codes to write in any script it will cause a crash. I am an old customer of premiumpress. The biggest advantage of using this theme is that it is enriched with numerous features.