User rating 2 votes. For Sega Megadrive games, try Gens. Her skal det kastes kort, brukes magi, sankes unike egenskaper og banke folk opp for alle pengene. Game published on I get even stranger, so look forward to it. The game is pretty much designed around multiplayer, and is fabulous for that regard.

pocky and rocky 2 snes rom

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C-Dogs User rating: This is another one of those games no one knows. Taito Super Famicom Kiki Kaikai: Pick it up and play it whenever rodky can.

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Misao PC This game was intended to be horror. Download You need to login to display files for backup.

pocky and rocky 2 snes rom

To the point of insanity. Extremely unique, and extremely fun. Another rather obscure game, and this one is a doozy.

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This game was intended to be horror. The game revolves around collecting the six dismembered body parts of a girl named Misao, hence the title. Give it a go, and see for yourself. Parodius pocly a parody of the series Gradius, which are both space styled shoot-em-ups. Log in Sign up. Ecco the Dolphin User rating: Holiday Hare ’98 User rating: The game is a baseball game, with a silly Mario twist.


Either play as the shrine maiden Pocky, or one of many other side characters in a top down znes up styled game.

pocky and rocky 2 snes rom

Dead Pixels Steam This is another one of those games no one knows. And with that, another 10 appear. It mashes together countless other games in the SMW Engine, and incorporates strange new concepts in the blink of an eye.

The princess in the Land, Luna, has been kidnapped. Ben’s Personal Top 50 Videogames: Holiday Hare ’95 User rating: The difficulty is noticeably easier and english text is now featured in the cutscenes.

Pocky and Rocky 2

Problemet er at kontrollene er helt merkelige og kaotiske. And now, the shocking continuation.

pocky and rocky 2 snes rom

I get even stranger, so look forward anc it. But the game is so outrageous and silly at times that the mood changes from scary, to absolutely hilarious. The game revolves around just going street by street, looting houses and purchasing guns and upgrades in an almost RPG format, all while trying to get to the end.


Pocky & Rocky 2 [USA]

Rap sheet Release year: The top-down perspective has been kept from the previous game, but additional characters have been added as magic abilities.

Now why would I put such a seemingly dumb orcky at 31? Great mood, great plot, great everything. Game published on