SquidGuard is the component responsible for filtering the content. You can whitelist them like the google domains. Thank you for your nice tutorial. You can use one of your own blacklists or one of the publicly available lists on the web. Define other category actions:

pfsense squidguard block

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Hey guys, if anyone on this thread is a pfSense expert Pfsensw like to hire you to help me with a new pfSense instance I want to setup with failover internet, traffic shaping and possibly squid. We are very satisfied with Zammad because it offers many features and an easy to use user interface.

I have already installed squidguafd and Lightsquid that work very well! There are several commercial products available for URL or content filtering but you can actually set up a very robust system on your own using SquidGuard and pfSense. Schedules can be applied using the groups ACL tab. See how your visitors are really using your website. No, just the ones, that are in the blacklist.

URL Filtering – How to Configure SquidGuard in pfSense | TurboFuture

That would be e. Below are a few examples of filtering expressions. Select the available packages tab and scroll down until you find SquidGuard, then click the plus symbol next to the description to begin the installation. I’m a teacher and IT system administrator in an international school.


How to Block Website Using SQUID + SQUIDGUARD through Pfsense

Citrix provides XenCenter, a management tool for Windows. We went through your process and had great success! Maybe the other https Websites are in the blacklist? Then i uninstalled these pacakages because its stucking our enviornment. This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons. The blok can be downloaded here and installed according to these instructions.

This concept is used by most web filter solution providers. These could be edited depending on what you intend to filter out. The common access list settings will apply to all users of the proxy. Find the MyWhiteList entry in the list and select white.

pfsense squidguard block

Enter the expression you want to boock on in the expression box squdguard then click save. There are two big advantages to squidGuard: Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. If you are unfamiliar with regular expressions they can be somewhat confusing at first but there are many online resources on the subject so I won’t go in to much detail about them in this article. Listing a site by domain will grant access to the main site squidhuard all of its sub pages.


Expressions allow you to grant access based on certain keywords. Pfsense to work just for internet access without proxy and squidguare. If this setting causes problems, you should deactivate it again. I understand that you cant block facebook with squid since they use https: Set Blacklist options to use blacklist categories.

It works a treat when they try to access youtube via http, however if they type in httpS: Log in or Sign up. Now as i install again it blocks all. Hi, With pfSense 2.

pfsense squidguard block