Of course i was deeply shocked of this tragedy Plugin for Theatertek DVD is available for download. The first public alpha release of version 5. LCD Smartie team released a configuration file to fix issue. Hopefully a new version will be released soon. LCD Smartie is under development again for a new release Same as degree, but then a full size usually black block Mail sign:

pertelian software

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LCD Smartie

He told me what many people did before: It is build with 10 functions. Hopefully a new version will be released soon. So if you fill in: DLL display driver model – see readme for details.

Algeroth and I are working on adding external buttons for the parallel driver. Same as degree, but then a full size usually black block Mail sign: Development on LCD Smartie has resumed! So they told me it was over connections a minute Some bugs have been fixed, IRTrans support added – see readme for details. I build a new site, the old one was kinda boring.


This was because they were very slow you have to send and receive data very often. In example, when i first started coding I didn’t use functions, and kept reading files.

Pertelian LCD Display

Beta 3 available for download. Pin 1 is indicated on the connector layout diagram above. Details in the forums. Feel free to download our new release and test it. Winamp Title bug well this is NOT a bug, but a setting. Some bugs have been fixed – see readme for details. A Meedio Plugin by Harald Wagner. Three cheers for BasieP! I cant say more about it right now.

Displays the date using the format given by the ShortDateFormat global variable, followed by softwaree time using the format given by the LongTimeFormat global variable. Further I made it posible to change the custom characters.

Pertelian LCD Display

That will automaticly done if you don’t fill in any port. The text on the LCD is going to be filled till the number you fill in there. Same as degree, but then a little mail picture Euro sign: A new sourceforge project has been started, and i have to say that i won’t be helping you with it, but perhaps some really smart programmer s can understand how the crappy smartie code works, and can blow some new live in it.


It is made for winamp 3 users to get the winamp info into LCD smartie. Displays the month as a number with a leading zero A new service release is available!. There is no continuous key scan. The program support pages are moved to our new host!

pertelian software

Plugins I told you that there would be plugins in version 5. That is something you have to do in the dll itself.

pertelian software

He said that there were allready very good programs for linux, so he didn’t need to make a new one.