Pooriya Arazesh Pooriya Arazesh 57 6 6 bronze badges. I have installed VMWare Workstation. Sushant Kochar Sushant Kochar 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges. Check if you have Skype installed on your machine. If so add httpd. Steps to use to fix it are: Permanent tip for my dear Brother and Sisters To do the efforts one and for all, follow these steps:


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So Apache is running even during logging in to Skype. Barth 7, 12 12 gold badges 44 44 silver badges 56 56 bronze badges.


If you change the port of apache, you will also have to go into httpd. Black Mamba Black Mamba 4, 2 2 gold badges 33 33 silver badges 53 53 bronze badges.

I have changed port as 81 instead of Another case is Windows 10 Check this: Pandomeediaboster Al Wasim Salam, You don’t need to change port no. Pooriya Arazesh Pooriya Arazesh 57 6 6 bronze badges. Login and go to Tools – Options – Advanced – Connection and uncheck the box which says use port Mostly, be looking for syntax errors that you could’ve created by editing your httpd.


Try doing Run as Administrator during xampp control it worked for me, i dint have skype or any other application using port pandomediabosher I found that XAMPP control panel under Windows Windows 7 in my case does not reflect what is actually going on, unless you start it by “Run as administrator”.

Probably you change configuration file in “httpd-ssl. I pwndomediaboster them and all is well. And you are done.

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Change apache’s port settings to 81 and apache will work. And that process will again take over your port once you are not working.


Run as administrator That’s all. This has solved my problems. You don’t want to have to browse to localhost: There he gave me a list of programs and the ports they used and so I looked and had no program using port 80but apache beyond 80 also uses port I had this problem and research a solution, but i did not succeed. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.


So I’m doing well by running Apache before logged in at Skype.


Vincent Tang Vincent Tang 2 2 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges. Improving the question-asking experience. Kartik Arora Kartik Arora 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges.

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Concept behind the work Actually all the services in Xampp need Ports dependency. To verify, just test for a running server in your browser. If so, disable it. The Best way to do so: This solution worked for me, Thank you! Muhammad Ashikuzzaman Muhammad Ashikuzzaman 2, 3 3 gold badges 22 22 silver badges 43 43 bronze badges.

Note that the control panel doesn’t necessarily give these details, it might just say “Apache startet [Port 80]” and not actually starting the server. Apache is not started when I’m signed in at Skype.