Aarular kalaigal amma arangama nagarulanen.. When a reader requested me to write on this song last week, it was easy for me to acquiesce. Shankaranarayan Sankaran Namboothiri Vignesh Ishwar. As this hobby horse of mine threatened to take over this post, I have put my rants in a separate page, the better to refer to it in future posts when my annoyance at mispronunciations takes over everything else! The Azhwar rejects even the pleasure of ruling heaven when compared to the pleasure of singing the praises of his dearest Lord Ranganatha.

pachai mamalai pol meni mp3

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With a body like a great green mountain, a mouth like coral, with eyes shaped pwchai a red lotus, O Lord of the celestials! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Thank you very much for the post. I feel as if I stand on a platform, with trains rushing past on either side of me, people hurrying from here to there, while I stare bewildered at them all.

Interestingly, even male poets take on a female persona to express their love for a masculine God. O tender sprig of the cowherds! Click here to listen. Tagged as Thondaradipodi Azhwar.


Pachchai Maamalai Download Free Mp3 Song

ShanvyMar 15, Thank you for the joy and understanding you brought to your readers all neni BalamuralikrishnaSadasiva Brahmendra. Decades seem to rush past, faster and faster, leaving me far behind. Dear Shanthi, I too have unnikrishnan’s version of the song with me and I like it very much.

pachai mamalai pol meni mp3

The second version makes it more explicit that the relationship is romantic right from the beginning. Fast Download Sivappu manjal pachai official trailer siddharth, g.

I had written of this in a post last year, of Mantras and Bija Mantras and the power they carry. If available, I provide links to music already available online.

Mar 16, 8. To read the complete Tirumaalaiclick here.

Pachai Mamalaipol Divyaprabhandam Download Free Mp3 Song – Mp3tunes

We all need to work these things out ourselves. And I am sharing both the version here. Mar 15, 3.

pachai mamalai pol meni mp3

Vai raja vai pachchai vanna video gautham karthik, priya anand. The verse above is very famous and sung in many Vishnu temples during the daily rituals of worship. Vai raja vai pachchai vanna video gautham karthik, priya anand This video and mp3 song of Vai raja vai pachchai vanna video gautham karthik, priya anand is published by SonyMusicSouthVEVO on 28 Aug Otherwise my knowledge of ragas is nil.


I am a traditionalist so I was very surprised to see how much I enjoyed Harish and his band!!

Pachchai Maamalai Download Free Mp3 Song – Mp3tunes

His voice is so gentle, so full of peace that I feel totally centred after listening to him. To you too Chandramouli! Sounderarajan in Thirumal Perumai You must log in or sign up to reply here.

pachai mamalai pol meni mp3

Malargalile pala niram kanden This video and mp3 song of Malargalile pala niram kanden is published by RajVideoVisionTamil on 17 Jul To know more about this raga, click here. No, create an account now. Mar 15, 4. Alaipayuthe scenes pachai nirame song madhavan invites shalini home ar rahman.