Table of Contents 1 – About. Deploy Endeca Studio on the Weblogic domain. The process of creating applications does not change when data sets are created with Endeca Integrator. What follows is a concise list of these software products in the order they will be covered in my blog late. This is achieved by providing business users with the ability to upload their personal data files into Endeca Server and create new discovery applications without the need to understand complex query languages.

oracle endeca information discovery integrator

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You can login with the username admin oracle. The Endeca Studio started up successfully when the following message appears: If the Weblogic Server is installed correctly, its home folder should appear in the drop down list.

oracle endeca information discovery integrator

In this directory, type config. The domain configuration wizard will start.

Exploration of Oracle Endeca Integrator

On the next screen enter a path for the installation or leave the default. In this directory create the following directories: Every component has one or more integratlr ports, and one or more output ports. Integrator components process data in rows. Since we did a basic installation of the Endeca Server, it is configured on port Sign in to https: In the same file update the following memory arguments: From here we start the setup. The inputs to Endeca Integrator are data sources along with the features used to capture this data.


Select modify setting of the Administration Server: Enter a name and password for the domain administrator: Change directory to Disk1 of the unzipped downloaded software.

Click on deployments in the left pane of the Domain Structure. When data is ingested into Endeca Serverit is loaded into a data set. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery consists of the following modules: Start up a command prompt. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery – Installation cookbook | Juvo

We already covered these individual components in some depth in this blog. Before we can deploy the Endeca Studio we have to make some changes to the Weblogic settings.

You can specify that one phase must be completed before another can begin. Create a Weblogic domain for the Endeca Server. In order to design the data flow, you create graph with components merger, joiner, filter, reader, and writer integratlr graphs.

oracle endeca information discovery integrator

To install the jRockit JDK start the setup. Endeca Information Discovery Integrator Explained. Start the Endeca Server with the following command make sure you are in the right directory: Fill in a valid discovey, which is different than the previous one and make sure again there are no spaces in it.


oracle endeca information discovery integrator

In the next post we will deploy the getting started project into the server and studio. Install Weblogic Server Start up a command prompt.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.0 – Installation cookbook

Skip to main content. The name Endeca Integrator might suggest that Endeca Integrator is a single enterprise software product, but it is actually composed of three major software products, each with its orzcle set of capabilities and with its own place in the paradigm shown in Figure 1. Go to Configure applications: