Medaka believes that she has come to her senses and must be a part of the Flask Plan to achieve perfection, much to the disagreement of Zenkichi, Akune and Kikaijima. On the second floor resembling a garden, the student council members encounter Kei Munakata , who believes that everything is a reason for him to kill. Naze is left in tears after seeing Koga in critical condition, imploring Maguro to tend to Koga’s wounds. Write a customer review. Maguro interrupts the match and harasses Naze, which irritates Koga.

ohanabatake ni tsuretette

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However, Medaka is actually able to control and master these abilities at will without any problems.

Ohanabatake ni tsuretette – Medaka Box

Visit your “Email Preference” page. The rule of the judo match is that Zenkichi must score one point before Akune scores ten points. Although Zenkichi tries to persuade Onigase to let this go, Onigase uses the suggestion box to her advantage, anonymously requesting Medaka to find an object inside a dirty outdoor swimming pool, assuming she would change into a swimsuit.

Naze then gives Medaka an orange syringe to inject, seemingly containing the antidote, but it suppresses her memories and purpose in life.

After she subdues the three, Maguro notices from a distance that Medaka is shedding tears despite her being heartless.

The opening theme, “Believe”, is once again performed by Minami Kuribayashi for the first 11 episodes and “Want to be winner! Akune and Maguro meet up with Zenkichi and Kikaijima to inform them of the situation. After Yuubaru fails to capture the true beauty of Medaka on canvasZenkichi and Akune respectively convince Isahaya and Nabeshima to be models, but Yuubaru turns them both down.

On the third floor resembling a zoo, while Medaka and Kikaijima phanabatake their opposing views of the animals, Akune separates from the group and runs into Youka Nazewho advises him to leave the laboratory. When Zenkichi lowers his guard down, Munakata stabs him in the back with many swords, which causes Medaka to break into tears. When Yuubaru catches sight of Shiranui, he is able to capture her true ohanabatak in his drawing to sell as cafeteria vouchers.


Medaka believes that she has come to her senses and must be a part of the Flask Plan to achieve perfection, much to the disagreement of Zenkichi, Akune and Kikaijima.

Ohanabatake ni tsuretette

After Akune cracks Koga’s knee, Koga hurts Akune’s shoulder soon after, since it takes only ten seconds for Koga to heal from a fracture. However, Myouri lures Medaka into the ruins of the school building. Kizashi Yuubaru, affiliated with the art club, wants Medaka to model for a new masterpiece he is drawing.

The Loser Team faces against the Plus Six, while Zenkichi, Akune, Kikaijima and Maguro use the stairway down to the twelfth floor resembling an arcade. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

This item is no longer available at our website, but it may still be available at other online shops within Japan. Read our Privacy Policy here. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. View Cart Proceed to checkout. Medaka is then attacked by Myouga Unzenwho communicates using a string of numbers, vying for the vacant spot in the Flask Plan by defeating her. However, Yukuhashi stands in their way to prevent them from interfering with the experiment, which will be over in fifteen minutes.

Medaka Box Ending 1 – Ohanabatake ni Tsuretette by Toyosaki Aki

Ariake later has her track and field shoes replaced by an anonymous person, perhaps Isahaya. However, since Oudo is posed as a new threat, Medaka wants to become stronger.


ohanabatake ni tsuretette

This allows Medaka to safely land above water, and she tackles Kikaijima with a kiss, thereby winning the match. Miri Natayama, a skilled shogi player, is considered a suspect in this crime of burglary, possibly because she left the shogi club for not being chosen as the captain of the shogi club, since she treated the beginners with disrespect.

ohanabatake ni tsuretette

The third event is the underwater eel catching. Medaka fails to dodge the attacks, that is until Nekomi Nabeshima shows up to defend her.

However, Zenkichi manages to survive, and with some words of encouragement from Medaka, Zenkichi traps Munakata by bringing down the swords previously kicked up into the ceiling, thereby winning the match.

Tanzaku Aso, the president of the broadcast club, acts as a commentator alongside Shiranui. When Oudo proposes to Medaka, Zenkichi tries to attack, but Yukuhashi intervenes. This will be an underwater contest made up of four events, in which only three team members per club will be allowed to participate, and all male members will be handicapped with inflatable armbands.

When everyone ride on the elevator to the first floor, they are shocked when both the Loser Team and the Plus Six are wiped out by large screws, and the person behind this happens to be Kumagawa. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. However, Myouga takes off the weight of her iron balls and strikes Nabeshima from behind, yet Nabeshima uses the same mentality and slams Myouga’s head onto the ground.