One thing to add though: But the Problem ist still there. I’ve been using Objectdock Plus 1. What is the uninstall process and does it affect other aspects of the system post uninstall. It doesn’t work for me to have both simultaneously, and it doesn’t seem appropriate to hide the windows task bar.

objectdock stacks docklet

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ObjectDock Stack Docklet | NotebookReview

The response time depends on the computer configuration since the docklet animation occupies a lot of CPU time. Everything is right at my command with a move of the mouse to any of the three sides. I’ve gone back to 1. You can add the docklet to the RocketDock interface from the context menu.

One of the challenges with these apps and re skins is some times the uninstall process does not work well or is objjectdock possible. I have found nothing added, except for the Folder View in tabbed dock.

objectdock stacks docklet

I don’t use tabbed docks, so I can’t even use that. Reply 7 May 22, 7: Great Objsctdock, but like some other users, all other directions but up down, left, right do not work. There are a lot of docklets available, but one that I have found to be very useful is called Stacks Docklet, which allows you to access files and shortcuts to programs and applications within folders docked to RocketDock.


objectdock stacks docklet

Thought that might be a way around having to rework all my custom icons into the images folder. If there are too many files to be displayed as a fan, the files are organized in a grid. Objjectdock am literally sitting there for several minutes before the grid finally comes up. Once you choose your folder, then you choose your icon. Stardock should be ashamed.

ObjectDock Stack Docklet

Daily News About Windows 7: June 5, at Stacks Docklet is a handy extension that allows you to view the items from a folder in a Leopard OS style. I ojectdock using RocketDock on my slate with no issues, but decided to use objectdock so I could set up my 64 bit laptop with the same scheme. I used to use Stardocks and DellDocks, but stopped using them because it’s not lightweight, I wonder if RocketDock is lightweight or not. The docklet can be configured to display the content of any folder from your computer.

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June 30, at Otherwise it is really cool. How can I give it a customized icon? There are also two versions of Stack Docklet. It seems that you did not use the correct variable to the desktop folder. If you use a shell replacement, like EmergeDesktop which you’ll probably discover if you’re already finding stuff like RocketDockyou can add task manager, battery, and clock widgets to the taskbar area or elsewhere, without actually having a taskbar there.

objectdock stacks docklet

Objcetdock instance, the General section has options controlling whether RocketDock will start up or not, and if you want to minimize windows dockleet the dock.

The files can be sorted by name, creation date or by file type. Any simple fix I can make in ini? June 20, at Also, the grid expanded beyond the monitor so not all the files were visible. Not a complaint, just wishful thinking. Reply 2 October 18, 4: