Ooooh, an elixir that gives you immortality and perfect health! So, when molecules anoos are broken down to release atoms paramanoos , it’s a chemical process, not nuclear fission. For the Indian reader, you can grab this book from Flipkart at a discounted rate of Rs. Other than the narrative, another problem I had with the novel was the ideas Amish postulates in it. Would have made it much less painful to read! Parvateshwar decided to change sides. All these descriptions – an overt attempt to be visual – made people say ‘it was written with movie deal in mind’.

oath of the vayuputras ebook free

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And control the sigh as you close it.

The Oath of The Vayuputras

The book is an abysmal end to a wonderful series. Mar 02, Dilip rated it liked it. The purpose of og series is to present the readers with our mythology in a way that they can understand and connect with.

It took a not so often spoken about mythological story, made it into a fantasy fiction and cleverly interspersed with today’s world without confusing you. Roshni Kanchan Remember this is a novel, a work of fiction. It does not feel like a book from the same person who wrote the fantastic “Secret of the Nagas” or “The Immortals of Meluha” before that. And oah Shiva is on the verge of victory, he comes face to face with a tragedy leaving his existence, his very soul completely shattered.



oath of the vayuputras ebook free

I find it relevant in this age of Nuclear power, it’s potential to cause disaster to the very people whom it is supposed to help improve their lives and how the state uses the media and other resources to drum up support for it’s actions while discrediting those who oppose it by any means like branding them as traitors, having hidden agendas etc.

I waited for it for a long time I am still not sure which oath of Vayuputras did the title of the book indicate to.

The Oath of the Vayuputras (Shiva Trilogy, #3) by Amish Tripathi

Rather he just followed the advises of likes of Tara and failed to stop Mahadev from its crime. And most of the time in fusion more than two atoms are fused together. He struggles to describe the events as they happen in a better format than what he’d used in the past pages.

And the unexpected turn of events in the end left me speechless. And fail it does! But here the mystery is shown in the very beginning and hence Amish has to bank on his narrative force which lets the novel down.

Shiva is gathering his forces. In a pure nuclear fusion weapon, two paramanoosthe smallest stable divisions of matterare fused together to release tremendous destructive energy. The first and second books were much better. Jun 12, Shyam Sundar rated it it was amazing Shelves: No I guess Shiva’s real legacy is as a person who swallows oathh for the good of mankind.


This book was an annoying conclusion to a series that started with wonderful promise. Amish’s persistence vayyputras duality continues in this novel too. I thought he was supposed to be guiding Shiva.

oath of the vayuputras ebook free

Mithara was supposed to be one without family. Makes you wonder what else is going to come ahead! Otherwise this book is a good example of brilliant historical fiction I really enjoyed The Oath of the Vayuputras sometimes its make me laugh, sometimes its make me angry and sometimes its make me weep.

This book was highly disappointing.

There was an element of suspense upto the end which you had to know. The book broke the suspense far early and just made it into a war strategy book.

Seems like Amish was in a hurry to finish up the book.

oath of the vayuputras ebook free

View all 17 comments. Shiva’s attitude on learning the truth about Brahaspati, Parvateshwara’s decision, and a death, were very unreasonable. View all 8 comments.