She is bound to inferiority complex and mental fragility. He then takes him along with his family to see an aged and timid Margaret. At this point, she says that all pretty girls are a trap in which handsome men must fall into. He even encourages her to be more smart at times and to think better of herself. Rose reluctantly agrees to cooperate. As he leaves, he sees a familiar face and then is struck by the pangs of realization.

nee januvariyil akale song

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As he is leaving, breaks one of Rose’s figurines, and Rose watches this with pity.

The very sight provokes a sudden outflow of memories and the story goes back into a flashback. He convinces that this scarf will impart life to her glass animals and Rose is instantly mesmerized by it.

The next day, Neil and Margaret reconcile and Margaret expresses her deep fears about her children, at the same time admitting of their talents. Margaret and Rose watch as their hope goes away. He intends to akalw about Rose, his sister as promised to a publisher.

Tennessee Williams ‘s The Glass Menagerie She dramatically slips into talking of her old days, how they had many servants while living in Goa and her fate of having reached a pathetic situation now. She instantly recognizes Freddy and Betty.

Lyric of Malayalam song Januvariyil Viriyumo

After a slight improvement, she suffered from an unexpected Nervous Breakdown and had died. He even blames their daughter leaving them on him. He then takes him along with his family to see an aged and timid Margaret. As the dinner is about to start, Alale faints and Neil takes her to lay her down on the sofa.


By these words, Rose indirectly refers to her own state of mind at that time for she becomes totally rejuvenated. As Rose feels sorry for her crippled stage, Margaret advises sonv to develop her other skills and that girls with no such duty must be sent off in marriage.

Later they all sit down for dinner as Rose’s picture is shown at a distance Signifying the titleover which the magic scarf flies gently, giving life to her memories.

Lyric of malayalam song Januvariyil Viriyumo

Later, on hearing that the man about to come ssong her former senior schoolmate, Freddy, she refuses to sit for dinner. Margret, Neil’s mother hates his care-free attitude towards life and his late-night movies.

Neil ends up calling his mother an ” old chattering witch” and storms out.

nee januvariyil akale song

jabuvariyil She is very much interested in glass figurines that adorn her showcase. Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha He pens down her story to immortalize her as he imagines her spirit showing him light from the beyond.

People tend to like the oddness among the evenness. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Nee Januvariyil Viriyumo – Lyrics and Music by Akale arranged by PriyankaMathew | Smule

He even encourages her to be more smart at times and to think better of herself. They gaze at the portrait of their father as Margaret explains how handsome he was. The film starts with Neil Prithviraj Sukumarana writer bidding farewell to his partner Kamala, who wishes him luck with his writing. Freddy enlightens Rose’s spirit by saying that her januvariyli from all the similar people of the world is her greatest peculiarity, just like the magical unicorn.


She angrily scolds him and this later turns into a violent fit of rage.

nee januvariyil akale song

But Rose is happy that with this incident, he can join the others as a normal one, for he had just undergone an operation to rectify his painful oddness. Neil admits that he always hated himself. She explains that the unicorn is odd due to its difference from all the others.

nee januvariyil akale song

She asks him to dedicate his time for Rose now, though it is meaningless to her. All lyrics written by Gireesh Puthenchery ; all music composed by M. But her hopes get crushed when she comes to know that Freddy is already engaged to a girl named Betty.