I fixed those with Nediva, but I bet “nedi -i” will recreate the database with the wrong permissions. All tables shown above are graphically represented in this view: The icon used is specified in the 3rd column. Alternatively you can add single targets in Devices-Status by clicking on the binoculars. Refer to Devices-Modules for a list of possible classes.

nedi appliance

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You can access these features from the Inventory More information. The backup can be performed in 2 ways: Configuration Compliance Policies December 11, Device Configuration, Inventory, and.

nedi appliance

It also relies on nedi. Fasthosts Customer Support Plesk 11 Manual Applance guide covers everything you need to know in order to get started with the Parallels Plesk 11 control panel.

OpenSourceNetworkManagementServer – Ubuntu Wiki

Remo’s code to initialize the database appears to have an error with the permissions. If you want to see results immediately, restart the daemon from System-Services If a target is reported to be down, an entry is created in the incidents table with the start time set to the time it’s detected at.

Table of Content Error Messages List If the absolute counter is not 0, the background becomes blue, showing you there has been traffic on this interface. Appliace note that NeDi’s graphing feature was implemented as an addition to the discovery with lowest possible resource and maintenance cost in mind.


Installation – NeDi

The latter lets you find hardware not under maintenance or items you’re paying for, that don’t even exist in your network! Common brands and models are supported as well as some less known ones backing up of some FW neei needs more work. A larger version of the menu icon always shows up to the left and a click on it resets the module to its defaults. A 2nd OID nedu it possible to determine whether the running config has been written to the device’s flash and alert, if not: Incidents are acknowledged by classification in Monitoring-Incidents Due to limitations of the SNMP perl module and non-blocking requests, latencies are not accurate unless you modify Net:: After installing your device, locate.

Keep applixnce configs organised and gain valuable insights for troubleshooting.

nedi appliance

I assume you are still trying to install VMware tools. No part of this.

Rediscover your Network!

It’s also important to get a feeling for discovering network components. Then you just have to make sure they’re rediscovered by using -A dbquery in subsequent discoveries which will add them as seeds from the database. The main purpose of Nediva is to make it super easy to get started using Nedi.


This speeds up the discovery and causes less traffic on the network. They can be listed in Devices-Modules for review. It does support other vendors, but this is currently limited to a small selection of devices. I fixed those with Nediva, but I bet “nedi -i” will recreate the database with the wrong permissions.

Click on an excerpt to view the whole configuration Compare Configurations You can use this module to quickly see differences between stored configurations.

DB and keeping the last x versions as file: Due to performance reasons, only uptime, poe, interface and VM operational status and interface last-change is realtime if device was seen in last discovery. Alternatively you can use Credit-Cards here.


Please type your message and try again. This information can then be viewed through a beautiful web-interface. NeDi uses levels and triggers to categorize and alert you when monitoring finds something interesting.

The current list will stay. A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer.