Reviewed by Tom Dawson Updated 06 December For colleges, universities, government agencies, hospitals and corporations. Nossiter would allow, but there is no doubt that wine talk can become pretty heated. But in wine, as in movies, things are not so black or do I mean red? Nossiter and Emmanuel Giraud; released by ThinkFilm.

mondovino english subtitles

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An interview with Michael Broadbent, a London auctioneer with subtiyles chalk-striped suit and an accent out of P. The result is an inside examination of a world very few people see. One of the film’s most flamboyant figures – and perhaps its designated villain – is Michel Rolland, a fast-moving consultant who motors around the countryside in a chauffeured sedan, cigarillo and cellphone in hand, preaching the gospel of new oak and big flavor.

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The ideological subtext of “Mondovino” is perhaps more complex than Mr. Web Links Find out more about eubtitles at: Rosenthal’s ilk as “ayatollahs of terroir. Nossiter would allow, but there is no doubt that wine talk can become pretty heated. Food Design A look inside the secret chambers where designers and scientists are defining your favorite mouthful of tomorrow.

Mondovino (2004) subtitles

Scott reviews the documentary “Mondovino,” directed by Jonathan Nossiter. Our Daily Bread A spectacular visual essay composed of epic tableaus, a haunting vision of our modern food industry, and the methods and technology utilized for mass production. Find out more about page archiving. But in wine, as in movies, things are not so mondovini or do I mean red?


Icarus Films: Mondovino: The Series

Guibert’s neighborhood was a Communist. There’s Robert Parker, the American wine writer, whose personal tastes can make or break brands. The strength of the film lies in Nossiter’s ability to put his colourful interviewees at ease and get them to talk freely. Documentary Films and Programs. Guibert’s view that they represent authenticity and tradition against crass consumerism, and it is subtiltes to sympathize without being entirely persuaded.

Increasingly standardized and homogenized wines. It is, proverbially, the soul of a meal and, in some accounts, the very cornerstone of civilization, which is one of the reasons I prefer beer.

Mondovino subtitles |

Among his allies are the Mondavi family of California and the well-known wine critic Robert Parker, whose ratings allegedly have the power to propel some wines to international prestige.

As it has made its way across Europe after being shown at the Cannes Film Festival last spring”Mondovino” has trailed controversy behind it, and the debate is likely to continue now that it has arrived in this country. For colleges, universities, government agencies, hospitals and corporations.

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mondovino english subtitles

In many ways, the battle being played out in the vineyards – between European mondovono especially French particularism and a global consumerism driven by American ideas about marketing and brand awareness – echoes other, similar skirmishes; for instance, about movies themselves.


From Florence to Burgundy, New York to Argentina, each hour-long episode stands alone as a passionate and hilarious piece of subtitlds filmmaking. Part of what it is about, after all, is the cultural tension between the new world and the old – between crusty, fatalistic French peasants and smooth-faced, forward-looking Californians. Innocent talk of noses and finishes, therefore, has a way of drifting toward headier matters.

The Internet Movie Database. For individual consumers home video Home use DVD: Others indulge in unapologetic hyperbole.

Home Explore the BBC. Some of the most energetic proponents of vino-globalization mondovinismo?

These are men for whom wine is much more than a job – it’s a vocation, a symbol of civilization and of man’s authentic relationship with nature. Reviewed by Tom Dawson Updated 06 December Mondavino isn’t some dry academic envlish, however. Nossiter’s presentation takes at face value Mr.

mondovino english subtitles