Fixed some issues with the baker hut. Please Test this Mod: Added Swine Herder hut, 4 wooden styles. Im coming back to this pack sooner than you might say “Venezuelan Crisis”. Added Blacksmith to Oak Style.

minecraft minecolony 1.2.4

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Now with a spot for the dman. Entering the inventory pages in NEI causes exceptions.

Minecolonies Medieval Style

Added a new Custom supply ship! How to use custom miner schems, custom supply camp and ship? Special thanks to Imri for the idea. Replaced all timberblocks with newer ones only for recommended 0. I have run it with minecolony mineccolony lets face it, minecolony’s for chumps.

Mod Testing

I will continue to do more buildings as they came up, but only for the top version of the mod, wich is minecolon 1. Fixed some minor issues.

minecraft minecolony 1.2.4

So, it’s not cheating, it’s just a side effect of being in creative. Added shingles and other minor stuff. Added oak, spruce and birch barracks. The block gets placed, but the block is NOT removed from my inventory, a citizen is not assigned, the construction tape is not placed, nor can I even access the chest function to do anything with it.


Dark Oak wooden buildings need more wood than other styles! Also, it might give trouble at snowy biomes, or if you use season mods where water freezes over. Changed the name to Medieval woodtype due to the pack being added to the mod. How are you selecting the schematics in game to placer them?

minecraft minecolony 1.2.4

Added chicken herder hut, 4 wooden styles. Can someone please test the mod Optifine for compatibility? Changed a bit the miner schems to fix issues. It might be that you didnt place the schematics inside the schematics folder but inside scans or just the minecolonies folder. Reworked some details on alternative citizen hut. Oak wooden, Spruce wooden, Birch wooden and Dark Oak wooden! I bring you my set of medieval styled buildings for you to enjoy! Rescanned ALL buildings of each of the 4 styles.

Alternative Medieval Huts v1. Fixed small miinecolony with some schematics. Either way, someone please test it. As soon as i stabilize my economic situation ill be able to not only port minecratf the buildings included in the pack, but to recontinue the building of all the crazy ideas i had before minecolnoy left my home.


Added a rework of the cowboy hut. Look for an elevated position where you can build walls and towers later. Might forgot something tought. Added cowboy hut to the 4 styles. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Added decorations and roads.