Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. WinRar is probably the program you have associated with the. Thanks in advance, Magic. CapnRari November 26, This is what stood out the most:

minecraft huzuni 1.8.3

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Kodin June 25, I have been attempting to do this or ages and its starting to annoy me. If it’s still not there, go back to your versions folder.

Minecraft Hacked Client not showing up in versions [Fix] – TimTech Software

Huzunu file, when i open it, it comes up with random gibberish and looks nothing like the stuff above for example. It cannot seem to locate the version however this is peculiar because we all have the correct files and such.

Parker July 13, 2: Electro April 30, 4: I have other hacked clients like WeepCraft that you can check out while I try to find a fix for this.


minecraft huzuni 1.8.3

Found 3 controllers Fri Jun 26 Huzuni new 1. Even with full Internet access it seems that the version is not available. Jean John Harl Naso Swar? I found the fix this might or not work for you….

minecraft huzuni 1.8.3

It wont work, ive done everything, edited the JSON, checked the names, etc. Topics fix minecraft tutorial.

Huzuni Hacked Client for 1.8.X

I came across the same issue with both reflex and ghost on both mineshafter and the official launcher. ApetureSience Minecfaft 5, So in your versions folder, there should be a folder called Reflex or whatever your. Is it possible to get WeepCraft to work, even with the website down? Sorry guys, I gave the wrong advice.

Aragon 3D PVP 1. Timtech August 8, All cheats are instantly deployable at a moments notice…. For example Ghost and LiquidBounce were working. Then extract and you should have the.

Minecraft Hack Huzuni 1.

Minecraft Account Generator Real. Minecraft Hack Huzuni

Powered by SMF 1. Look for a line starting with “type”. CapnRari November 26, Json files are structurally OK, but no show in the version list.


When i try to open a. Make sure your client folder has a unique name don’t name it 1. I opened the original 1. Max October 24, 8: Roxy Eleg Davi Fran? I used it the day juzuni yesterday, but had to uninstall it, after that i couldnt use it anymore….