There is only a patch to version 1. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. First unzip the files in a temp directory, then copy the save0xx. I just had to do a “Save As”. I tried going out and killing all the dragon slayers, including those in the fort, and got the Dragon Slayer Blade of Whistle-lips or something and there was still no dialogue options. This setting is particularly important when using mouselook! Who is online Users browsing this forum:

might and magic 8 grayface patch

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Is there a way around this?

Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer

I did and can confirm it works. Allows you to view the various files I made for Might and Magic.

Viain is a Knightshe is only willing to swing her sword in your name. You can grayfave it here. Heroes of Might and Magic. Adds quick saves, playing MP3 tracks, double speed mode, mouse look and so on. So you need specific software to open them.

If you take him in your team take care to do the witness quest and not directly claim the reward. Sergey Rozhenko, Feb 25,1: Paych your editor or trainer that fits your needs.


Unofficial GrayFace Patch (works with the Steam version) :: Might & Magic VI General Discussions

You don’t have a map or you never had one of Chedian? No matter what the case, we recommend you to use these patches with any of the mentioned games. Aug 23, 2: You don’t have a map or you never had one of Erahtia? Hand-picking the best in gaming. It’s always mods for 6 or 7. Thanks so much for this Grayface, was hoping you’d do a MM8 patch, so nice not to have to juggle all those disks around.

Yes, that would be very nice. It is a lua script. Power gaming start in MM6. You are lazy, a real bad player, a cheater or love to patfh your game, this is your section.

might and magic 8 grayface patch

Maybe they would be good, but I prefer to be without the ones that walk on streets. As many, Nolane has only one wish, follow the order of Light.

Might And Magic VI – VIII: Grayface unofficial patch |

Click on the link or the image to access the resource. Last edited by Protoss ; Sep 12, 5: Patch for any version of the game 3,76 Mb Install on any version of the game.


While I was wandering the woods looking for Cauri that missing dark elf, I think that’s her name I stumbled upon the elemental plane of air and other than there being no floor and a lot of floating orb thingies, I was experiencing extremely bad lag while inside.

Google [Bot] and 4 guests. Sergey Rozhenko, Dec 4,5: These temporary versions are available until the official patch 1. A whole set of peasants that will miht you to save the world. Source code Delphi maagic Might and Magic 8,5: Desdicado View Profile View Posts.

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might and magic 8 grayface patch