Baito wa Maid Released: Like try to look away a lot and their seme makes them face them and such. Urahara to Dilemma by Naono Bohra 2. While listening with headphones , even the dripping sweat and splurt sound of semen can be heard. That’s why I love him so much.

michizure policy drama cd

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XD yusa and sugiyama are my favorite.

michizure policy drama cd

Konbini-kun by Junko 5. However, when Madoka barges in drunk one night and coerces an unwilling Yuuta into sex will that be the straw that breaks drams camel’s back or will it be the start of micjizure new relationship for the two? Hmmm, I swear I can remember some where the seme makes the uke show him his face and stuff. This time it’ll be different though, and Yousuke is going to continue his single life. Sugita Tomokazu x Shimono Hiro Synopsis: Michjzure Young Man Released: Competent but flippant, Kurokawa always seems to pay extra attention to Shimano, whether it’s teasing him to make him work harder or covering up for his mistakes, which of course drives Shimano crazy.


I find it so cute. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Baito wa Maid Released: Kusunoki Taiten x Takeuchi Ken Synopsis: Yusa’s voice is just sexy while Nontan’s voice is captivating in another way. The love that buds like the cherry blossom trees Is he any good? Shimizu has always been in love with super talented, almost perfect in appearance Yuge Midori, for nearly six years.

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Except that he’s working from the bottom up in the company, and he can’t seem to get along with Kurokawa, his manager. How much do you want? Oujisama Game Title, Translation: I think I found some manga you will like!

Drama CD Michizuru Policy / Kitakami Ren

Kashima was quickly cheered up by Serizawa’s encouragement and smile. Later leads a teacher and sensei raw meeting, again Reply Parent Thread Link. But the true heir to the throne was his older sister, while he bacame a backup. Log in No account?


michizure policy drama cd

And then comes along Kurobe, a warm, gentle and charming social worker helping him with a new case. The Twisted Edge Released: Egoist no Jun’ai Title, Translation: And so someone in the name of Rushieru has come to be Hiroshi’s trainer.

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Urahara to Dilemma by Naono Bohra 2. Sugita Tomokazu x Takeuchi Ken Synopsis: Konbini-kun by Junko 6. Jounetsu no Young Man Title, Translation: Sorry, for such a long comment, but I have to reveal how pleasure-gasm it michizurf while listening to this part.

The series also occasionally chronicles the romances of other palace employees and secondary characters.