This menu is also used by software applications to allow quick access to options such as un archiving files , running virus scans, editing files etc. Adding Ribbon commands lets you organize all the functionalities of a particular application into a series of tabs. When installing programs on the computer, they add entries to your right-click menu and some of them are not very useful, and this is way programs like MenuMaid come in handy, as they can help you get rid of those entries. Find the one for you in the coming list. ContextEdit is one of the oldest yet the finest context menu editor for Windows 10 that lets you edit right click context menu with ease. MenuMaid is a very easy to use and simple context shell extension enabler and disabler. For Shell Extension Cleanup select what you want on the left and the right pane will show the extension details with a Delete button to remove it totally or an Active tick box to only disable the extension.

menumaid portable

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When you launch the program, you’ll see a tabbed interface with two main sections, Internet Explorer and Windows Explorereach of them devoted to cleaning up the context menu in those areas.

menumaid portable

As it would be expected from such a small utility, it leaves menumaod minimal footprint on the system resources, so the overall performance the computer is not burdened. In our list of best context menu editors, Context Menu Tuner had to be included.

This context menu management tool is able to add context items, but the removal options are more useful.


With just a single click you can remove context menu items as well. An advantage of using Fast Explorer is it displays a static item cleanup function as well as a shell extensions cleanup option.

menumaid portable

MenuMaid is a simple tool that can help you clean up the mess in your context menus. Click to load comments. The entry is displayed along with what it affects all files, folders etcand information about it is displayed below.

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Thank you very much! MenuMaid is a simple tool that menhmaid help you clean WinRAR The king of compressed files. Mansi Vijay The changes will menu,aid applied immediately — no system restart required.

These often come in the form of context entries with their own sub menus, custom icons and the options change according to what you have right clicked on. ShellExView is also by Nirsoft but differs from ShellMenuView because this tool displays the shell extensions that provide dynamic context menu options a lot of software installs use. The problem comes when they are ridden with options that you portqble really use that much.

Context Menu Tuner 6. Works on Windows XP and above. But you must be wondering that why a cleaning tool is included in this list.

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Glary Utilities is another well known and respected cleaning and optimizing tool that also has a function to disable or remove context menu shell extensions. Find the one for you in the coming list. To sum things up, MenuMaid offers a simple yet powerful software solution for helping you get rid of context menu items that occupy space on the computer and slow down system performance.


Easy Context Menu 5. Works in Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Delete items from your right click context menu with MenuMaid

ShellMenuView is portable and works on Windows or above. Many of us are aware that the application is best known for quick startup, safe browsing, registry optimization, and much more. Likewise, if you ever want to get them back, simply tick the option again.

To disable a context menu entry just untick it, the effect is instant and there is no apply button. MenuMaid was reviewed by Ana Marculescu. Note that MenuMaid works only with items that have been added to the context menu by third-party apps, not with the ones that come with the operating system by default.

It sports a clean and straightforward layout that allows users to perform most operations with just a few clicks. The app is very light on your system resources and probably the best context menu editor for Windows 7 available at the moment. Wise Care Easy to use PC system optimizer. Undoubtedly, the most preferred Windows 10 context menu editor at present. ContextEdit is one of the oldest yet the finest context menu editor for Windows 10 that lets you edit right click context menu with ease.

You can then untick to disable the entry, click Delete to remove it or Clear will remove all menu items at once.