It’s also a good track. Borderline – This song has a bit more English compared to Naihi Shinsho. Trying to convince one of my friends but to no avail. But whatever, it’s also included on my “must-listen” tracklist. It really showcases OOR’s humble beginnings. Kimberly Gill 6 October at

melody line no shibouritsu one ok rock

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melody line no shibouritsu one ok rock

It really showcases OOR’s humble beginnings. Probably because I don’t really listen much to this album, but I have a few tracks that I really like. The band didn’t really consider this as an album because the tracks were more of an experiment for them. My sweet baby – This is the ballad song on the album.

ONE OK ROCK albums: Zeitakubyou, Beam of Light, and Kanjou Effect – My Random Reality

What’s your overall favorite song from the band? But whatever, it’s also included on my “must-listen” tracklist. I think this is my ultimate fave from this album.

Taka really gave me the feels of falling in love in high school haha! Break My Strings – It’s one of those tracks in the album where you can say they really improved as a rock band. When I heard this song, it really made me thought about how the band sibouritsu trying to make more mature sounds when it comes shiboiritsu rock music, ’cause even if I didn’t understand totally the song, it hit me right straight to the heart.


Well, this blog, on the other hand, is all about the random stuff in my life that interests me, such as music, food, and travel.

nl So today we get to experience a taste of Hollywood here in Davao city. If you love all those three things, then you’ve come to the right place! This song actually has pure Japanese lyrics. The Resident Blogger Hey everyone! It really shows that they are having a great time making it all together.

melody line no shibouritsu one ok rock

It’s up-beat and perfect to make it as the first single for this album. Some of their singles that were released before this album were also included on the list, such as Naihi Shinsho, Yume Yume, and Etcetera.

I was really amazed with this song because the musicality, rhythm, and the lyrics all blended together for perfection. I’ve gotta say, it’s this album where they were really labeled as a “Rock Band”. I love the fact that the band includes like a BTS on their album. Can’t wait to see Rocck this January.

One ok rock beam of light rar

I really love this band’s very first album. Nobody from my friends and family knew about their music. Bossa Nova – Well, okay. Stay tuned for the rest of the album reviews! It’s a sweet song and one of my faves.


Melody Line No Shibouritsu Lyrics

It kinda reminds me of a Japanese drama with a slice of life theme to it. You can do Everything – Absolutely one of my faves from this album, and it has more English compared to the first two tracks.

I was about to rate this album actually, but when I found out that this one is an experimental album for the band, it’s understandable. Beam of Light was released last May 28, Anyways, I’m so glad you dropped by and read my review of the first 3 albums of OOR. So, first off is their first three albums namely ZeitakubyouBeam of Lightand Kanjou Effect You Might Also Like. Alex, their former lead guitarist, left the band last