SEM to reload the file into memory. Finally, the Policy page allows you to create and save your own device policies. RelayFax server ‘ s email address. This page is avaliable to domain and global administrators and displays the aliases defined for a given user. RelayFax monitors a specific mailbox for incoming messages that are to be faxed. If RelayFax resides on the same machine on which MDaemon is running, you may leave this file path blank. Forwarding of meeting invitations is not supported.

mdaemon 12.5

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It requires device software v6. The installation process will enable and start this service as necessary. Click Ok Additional Comments Note: US Size A4 Size. Email Signatures – Signature Macros. To configure this, edit your ActiveDS.

Remote Device Soft Wipe 1. Account Validation Using Minger Server. This can be changed by editing WorldClient’s Domains.

MDaemon Server v12.X Release Notes

The devices we’ve seen which contain an ActiveSync client will warn the user “If you proceed with this your device data will be lost” but some do NOT mfaemon this warning. You will lose the data on the device when you hookup with ActiveSync for the first time.


MDaemon now includes support for BlackBerry devices though the installation of a custom built BlackBerry Enterprise Server designed exclusively for distribution mdzemon use with MDaemon. The installation process will install all the files and services necessary to achieve this capability and is the reason the installer has grown in size. It mdaenon that you have Javascript disabled or your browser does not support Javascript.

Configuring the out of office reply from the handheld is not supported.

Alt-N Technologies: FAQ Results

All subsequent synchronizations will be two-way. Second, log into WorldClient using the account’s credentials and select “BlackBerry Management” from the left hand pane.

We now rely on sa-update to perform all necessary SpamAssassin updates. By using our site you mdaekon to our use of cookies. Strong Password Requirements Menu. It appears that you have Javascript disabled or your browser does not support Javascript.

Existing passwords are not required to change however the next time you try to change the password it will need to be 4 characters long minimum. If a user opens WorldClient from ComAgent the ComAgent functionality inside LookOut will not be enabled to prevent confusion between the two clients on the system.


These two screens have also received minor cosmetic modifications.

MDaemon Email Server Features

Automatic Contact Address Book Synchronization. It appears that you have Javascript disabled or your browser does not support Javascript.

mdaemon 12.5

This prevents the message from getting caught later and moved into the bad queue by the MTA thread. There’s a Status page which shows you the state of the various necessary services. Spam Filter – Blacklists: You can also see details about each ActiveSync device that has connected to the account.

mdaemon 12.5

Within a short time data will begin to synchronize. There is also a new control to set a global SMTP message size limit in F2 Servers which will be applied to all domains.

mdaemon 12.5

On the Server settings page, fill in the following fields: Whitelists – Per Account. Clearing a message flag from a mail client is not synced to the handheld. If there are any, they will be removed from MDaemon’s configuration and no further event notifications will be pushed to 12.5 devices.