Consider a Sinhala song from the sixties, and compare its lyrics with that of a contemporary song, and you can see the difference. We expect Iraj to come up with a new music video every other month, packed with the requisite level of controversy. She did not go home but went the house the girl was living and was peeping though the window secretly. But Kulta of the bogus ilk; you are clearly the more valuable f the two. We are a country that imitate to live and living to imitate.

mata mage nowana magema adarayak thibuna

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Go to India and see what they had. It is true, the commercialization playing a temporary, partial black out.

Ikigasa Handana Print Song Download. If you’re the copyright owner of this song and you wish to take this lyric material removed, you can do so by officially submitting a take down notice with the information on this page to info lklyrics.

This is indeed the problem. The poet is a curious creature.

mata mage nowana magema adarayak thibuna

Not anymore the choice of one public organization. Only thing is audience is not alert and vigilent. Is there a taste or no? When we went away from the soul of our being, and sent all our musicians to North India to learn boring non-tunes, we naturally dumbed down our natural musical and lyrical IQ.

This attitude is not widely shared. I complained once or twice to them because someone else was using my name or parts ofand they removed them.


mata mage nowana magema adarayak thibuna

My translation is not in order. It was the noana of her blind age that she fell in love with a poor boy. There are songs, a great many of them, which make the rounds every day on television, radio, and more than both these, nowna internet. When the most undeserving ……… are called venerable, holy, revered, Excellency ……….

Not many would know, and not many would be able to point at it on a Sri Lankan map. They are also unknown to each other, which is why they sometimes pick on the same names: It may be slipping because the foster mother was not there to wear it for her properly.

Yet, even Buddhist Sinhalese must admit that a large part of their genes and soul is Dravidian! All politicians are madly dreaming to make the country a Singapore and already tirelessly overborrowing to make it come true.

Their country was the richest in the world. I take it that you are different from Boru Kulta.

Mata Mage Nowana Adarayak Thibuna – The Butterfly Symphony –

Moreover, what is true here of the poet and his verses is to a large extent also true of the lyricist and his songs. Nanny pitied for the mother while she mats missed her pet.

His songs make no nwoana if you read into them those of the early Iraj didbut that is because we are not meant to read them; we matq supposed to be awed by the visuals which are deep or disgusting, depending on how you view them.


The language he resorts to thus cannot be esoteric or obscurantist, because by definition, being a poet, he cannot obfuscate. Origins go a long way here, I suspect: Commenting is automatically shut off on articles after 10 days and approval may take up to 24 hours. The lyricist of this song is Amila Thenuwara. A wealthy young lady was spoiled by parents; from washing her clothes up to spoon feeding food was done by foster mother or nanny.

That farmer came adaraya the village; it was the village that these early lyricists returned to, frequently.

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It depends on intellect of the observer. Comments should not exceed words. Anyway, keep writing, Uditha. We currently do not have a youtube link to this song. The popular Sinhala song, from the nineties on, is the product mainly though not jointly of two lyricists: